Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All I need is a beat that's super bumpin...

They be like 'Smoove'
'Can you teach me how to Dougie?'....

Consider that video a gift... Just wanted to get every one in the mood to Dougie, C-Walk, Pop-Lock-n-Drop It, etc.  If you aren't already, I guarantee you will be by the end of this post.  If not, I don't know that we can be friends.

So, today's post is going to be about this little guy:

Meet my "handsome man"...Obvi there is no need to explain how he got that nickname!

Let me preface this little tale by saying (okay, admitting) that since I have no children of my own I often feel it is necessary to mold my nieces and nephew into my little minions.  I am constantly forcing my opinions (colors, clothes, food, candy, music, cartoons, movies, etc) on them.  I make them wear UK stuff, and listen to my music, and can often be caught trying to force them into choosing things that they probably don't really want, but I want them to have.  This works the best on the "Tiny One", the older two are really starting to voice their own opinions....Not to Self:  Need to figure out how to keep 'Tiny One' from figuring this out ASAP.

So anyway....

I really want all my kids to be dancers, but especially any boys I may have.  I mean lets be honest, who doesn't think a little boy hip hop dancing is just the absolute cutest thing ever?!  Adorbs.  So I have really been trying to convince Sam (aka "Handsome Man") to take hip hop dancing classes.  At first, he was not so into the idea.  We tried to show him You Tube videos, but we just couldn't find any that did it justice.  And a lot of the videos we found actually ended up deterring him even more (understandably, some of the little boys looked like really big goobers, which totally contradicted our promise to him that this would help him get girls). 

But, the dancing gods were in our favor!  The school where Olivia ("Tiny One") and Bella ("Monkey" - yeah, we have some strange nicknames in my family) will be taking their dance classes offers a boys dance class for the brothers while the girls are in ballet.  So....I am happy to share with you that he finally caved! Sam will soon be starting his boys only hip hop dance class!!!  I am so excited.  I can't wait.
I have known this for a few weeks but last night as I was trying to catch up on my DVR'd Ellen shows, I came across this little gem (where was this on You Tube when we needed it?!), and it made me think to share this good news with everyone!  You are welcome!

And Jamie (Sister)....make SamSam watch this...

These little boys are studs.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Is This Normal??

So, I have tried to tell people that my dog bites his own toenails, but I don't think anyone believes me.  Or, maybe you believe me, but you don't really understand the work he puts into this.  Every night when we get in bed, this is what I have to listen to for about 30 minutes before he goes to sleep. 

I understand completely if you find this to be absolutely disgusting.  I admit, it is gross.  It is also pretty darn funny if you ask me.  But maybe I just feel that way because he's mine??

Well, anyway....Here is the proof...

Wow...last two post have both been about my dog.  That pretty much sums up the level of excitement in my life right now. 

I have been in my typical Monday No-Funday Mood today, I thought these pictures described my attitude for the day pretty accurately, and they also made me laugh a little.  Hope they do the same for you. 

Have a great week!!