Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let's Discuss...

....How it has been almost two weeks since my last blog post.  You know, the one where I promised to do better about posting more often??  Fail. 

....The fact that my two besties are spread around the country and I miss them.  Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration... they are actually both in the same state, South Carolina.  But different places (beaches, uh, hate them) in SC.  Either way, the fact still remains, I am here and they are not and I am one lonely little girlie.  Sad face.

.... me buying a chocolate chip cookie cake (you know, the big round ones with all the icing on 'em? Yeah) from Kroger on Saturday night.  By Sunday night, I had eaten almost the entire thing, BY MYSELF!  So I threw the rest of it in the trash.  Are you kidding me??  I don't even like icing.  But you would never have known that if you had been there to witness my fat ass devouring that cookie.  There was also no hiding the fluorescent pink tongue I couldn't get rid of for days because of all the food coloring in the icing.  Thank God I had no one to hang out with me this weekend and witness this debacle.

.... how I watched every second of the BET awards on Sunday night, and it may be my new favorite awards show!  All of my favorites performed... Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Drake, Kelly Rowland, Rick Ross, etc etc etc.  You get the point.  My taste in music is all over the place, for serious.  My weekly iTunes receipts look like they must have come from ten different people.  Country, Bluegrass, hip hop, oldies...  But there was not a performance on this show that I didn't get pumped about. I watched "Love and Basketball" three times this weekend.  Hey, I told you I was bored and lonely.  But be honest, you know you love this movie!  I don't think I've ever met anyone who didn't love this movie.  If you haven't seen it, I can't be friends with you again until you watch it. I downloaded the Instagram App on my phone and I am officially obsessed.  If you don't already have it (I realize I am late to jump on this bandwagon) I suggest you get it ASAP. It is a free photo editing, I also did this all weekend...

I mean, seriously??  Is he not the absolute cutest thing you have ever seen??  Angel. Straight from Jesus. out of control obsession with Sauvignon Blanc.  I am seriously going through at least two bottles a week, by myself.  At what point does an "obsession" turn into a "problem."   I don't think the whole "drinking by yourself" rule applies.  I mean, I live by myself people.  What am I supposed to do, make my friends come over every night just so I can follow some stupid rule? 

....the fact that I have accomplished absolutely nothing at work today, but this blog post.   Oh well, I had my priorities.

Talk to ya'll soon!  I'm not even gonna promise to do better because, let's be honest, who knows? 

Friday, June 17, 2011

These are my confessions...

Cue the Usher song!!

Taking a hint from my BFF Taryn and doing a "Friday Confessions" post...Here goes nothin!

I confess....

....that I have only worked two days this week, but I am still so relieved that it is Friday

...that I spent the majority of this week laying on my butt on the beach drinking skinny girl ritas, and I am not one bit sorry about that

...that I may or may not be enjoying spending time with Mr. L more than I want to admit.    Big OOPS on that one!  Don't worry though, I'll get it together soon. 

...that I also may have enjoyed him singing to me the other night. But just a little bit.  In my defense it was "Cupid" by 112 and anyone that knows me knows how I feel about 112.  I didn't have a chance. 

...that Mr. L may or may not be 19 years old.  Bigger OOPS on that.  Again, I promise to get it together soon.

...that I made a promise to myself to stay single for a year (starting in December).   It has been a lot easier, and a lot more fun than I thought it would be  (no, Mr. L does not count!  Hey its my promise, I make the rules)

...that I taught my niece to sing "dance, too much booty in the pants" and shake her butt.  I also taught her to yell "Spring Break!" and lift her shirt up when she was 2.  I'm 'that' Aunt, and her Dad hates me for it.

...I work at a gym and haven't really worked out (not counting walking Bentley and a few runs here and there) in a loooooong time.

...that my sister and I had to teach my Mom the meaning behind "once you go black you never go back."  That was an awkward conversation.

...that I have gone through two bottles of wine by myself since Wednesday night.  Problem??  Maybe.

...that wine was my dinner last night.  Not sure if this helps my case or makes it worse.

...that I have not been a very good blogger lately, but I promise to do better!!

Now, what are your confessions??  Don't be shy!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday! Friday!

Sorry for the long absence friends!  It has been a crazy busy week at the gym.  We launched a Groupon yesterday and it is on sale until tomorrow.  We have already sold 175 of them!!  It is for 6 weeks of unlimited access to our facility, a one on one session with a coach, and an hour massage.  It is a really great deal, you should check it out if you are in the Lexington area! 

That being said, it is making my life a living hell.  The phone rings non-stop and as soon as you hang up, you have to check the voicemail and call back the people that called while you were talking to the other person.  Its a vicious cycle.  Not to mention the scheduling and bookkeeping that comes along with it.  Mad. House. 

But its Friday!  And I am headed to the beach this weekend.  I know, great time for me to be leaving work.  I have to fly back early on Wednesday because there was no way I could be away for a whole week right now.  But hey, at least I will get a few days of sun and sand (...and a drink in my hand...).

In other news...On Tuesday night I went to meet my nephew Charlie.  He is one of my best friends Aaron's baby boy.  He is so stinkin cute.  He is already 10 weeks old and I am just meeting him.  I feel like such a bad aunt.  Here he is....Charlie Vinson House

That is Aaron's wife Katie, who I also love.  You can't really tell by this picture but she looks absolutely amazing after popping a baby out a mere 10 weeks ago!  How much do we hate her??

For our staff meeting Tuesday we hopped in the back of the deuce (a 2 1/2 ton military truck, we use for promo stuff at the gym) and went to Orange Leaf.  Nothing like some good clean redneck fun for a staff meeting.  I also love the fact that at 2 o'clock on Tuesday you could find every coach from CrossFit shoving frozen yogurt in their faces.  Life is too short to not have some Orange Leaf every once in a while. 

Meet the Deuce...

Last weekend, we decided to go out and have a few adult bevvy's and do some dancing.  We also thought that this required pimp cups, cuz hey, what doesn't?

It has been so hot here this week!  Poor Bentley.  He has had to cut his groundhog stalking time down cuz little fatty can't stand to be outside for more than a few minutes at a time.  So he comes in every few minutes and does this for a bit...

Then heads right back out on the deck to tantalize cute, chubby, little outside creatures with his ninja-like stealthy-ness.  I am afraid groundhogs days are numbered.

That's all for now!  Have a great weekend!  I will try to blog from the beach!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

Ok, lets be honest...I should just call this "What I'm WANTING Wednesday"

First item on the list....

I blame PinkLouLou for this little obsession.  She just haaaasss to post so many pics of her and all her friends looking so fab with this little bag.... Just add this to the list of things that she raves about that I in turn determine I MUST have.  I have decided that I will take a cue from my bestie Miranda and purchase this little baby for my self when I finally get a 'big girl job.'  All the more reason to get said job pronto!

Next up is the Simply Shabby Chic bedding from Target.   So cute! 

Finally found the girly bedding that I have been looking for.  The problem is everything is so cute!  I don't think I could decide which color?!

After spending the weekend at Brooke's house in Savannah, I have become obsessed with anything monogrammed.  Thanks Brooke.  I now want everything in my house monogrammed....towels, bedding, wine glasses (did anyone else see Evelyn's monogrammed wine glasses on Basketball Wives?? Yes, I wath BW, lets get passed that), clothing....yeah, obsessed.

And since we (oh yeah, that was just me) brought it up....I'm also just a little (ok, maybe more like a lot) obsessed with the show Basketball Wives!

I have been wearing Issey Miyake perfume for a while but they recently came out with Issey Miyake Floral....I must have this.

Now for some things that I have recently tried, that I love...

I am obsessed with this body lotion.  It absorbs quickly and doesn't feel all sticky and slimy.  Plus it smells so good and the smell last all day!

I have this eyeliner in a million different colors.  I like to switch up my eyeliner color a lot.  It goes on so smooth and is really cheap.  A lot of times its buy one get one and I've even seen them on sale for $1 each.  No joke.

That is all for now....