Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where I've been...

Whoa....It has been a hot minute since I have done a post.  I apologize.

I have had a really fun and eventful week.  Lots of fun, new and exciting things going on in my family and life.  So I'll start with last week...

Wednesday, I had a little datey poo.   I'm gonna be honest, I'm not one of those "hey at least its a free meal" kinda girls.  I hate dates.  Regardless of how excited I am about the boy involved, I think they are miz.  Well, I was no more excited for this one.  This makes me sound like a huge bi***  I know.  I had been talking/texting with this guy for a lil bit, and I just knew from the beginning he wasn't really for me.  He is a great, nice guy, but it just wasn't clicking.  And then later this weekend, he pulled the jealousy card over me talking to one of my best guy friends.  Thats where this little train comes to a fast stop!  I think I told you before, but I don't care if we are married, I don't put up with the jealous guy 'tude.  Definitely don't deal when it comes from a guy that I have gone on ONE date with.  RED FLAG!!  So, in a nutshell....don't think you'll be hearing anymore about him! 

In other boy news....I'm still hearing from my baller friend.  He's pretty persistent.  Even after I let him stand outside (because he couldn't get in--only 19 remember?) a bar 'waiting for me to come out' for over an hour Saturday night....oops.  He is fun to talk to tho, I'm not gonna lie.  Hey, it will be a story for the grandkids one day if he ends up in the NBA.  Bahaha.  I kidz, I kidz.

On Friday night I met Taryn and Keith at the mall.  I have looked ALL OVER Lexington for more Celtics shirts and I can not find a thing!  This is so irritating.  If I were a HEAT fan this would not be nearly an issue.  But no Celtics stuff to be found.  So if you all know of anywhere???  Let this chica know.  The highlight of this trip to the mall was definitely (not) the tornado that got us locked in to the center of the mall for about an hour.  Speaking of tornados, can we talk about this weather??  SERIOUSLY PEOPLE.  Like 100 tornado warnings in one week?  Over it.  After we left the mall, we grabbed some din din at The Pub and watched the Celtics embarrass (er, I mean beat) the KNICKS.  Taryn and I also found a fun little gem in an $18 bottle of Pinot Grigio there.  Special.  Don't worry mom, we made you proud.  None of that bottle was wasted.

(Bentley in the bathroom with me during a tornado warning...he just got his hair did obvi...he may be a lil nakey, but still handsome as ever...and yes, that is a pink UK collar.  Its ok for boy dogs to wear pink, promise.)

Saturday was a day full of drinking fun.  We started with a glass of vino (or two) at Taryn's around 11am (hey, don't judge, it was 5'o clock somewhere), grabbed a couple of what we like to call "purse bottles" at the liquor store, then we were off to Keeneland!  The weather wasn't great, but at least it didn't rain (while we were there anyway).  We had a great time.  I even won $150 on a $6 bet!  Score!  Later that night we went to dinner (and had a few 'ritas) and then out to the bars.  I caught up with a 'good' friend and talked to/hung out with him most of the night {This may or may not be worthy of more bloggy talk, verdict is still out on that one.  Well, let's be honest, it will be worthy of more stories for sure, but not sure if that will be good or bad stories. We will have to wait to find that out...} And of course my baller friend was out as well (as I mentioned earlier in this post).  We left pretty early, but we had fun.  We were just really tired after a long day of drinky drinky.

(Starting the morning of at T-Lo's)

Which leads me to Sunday...

Sunday - Easter Sunday, of course.  I was supposed to get up early and drive home for Mass and Easter brunch.  Well, I had no problem waking up early.  I did however have a little bit of a problem staying up.  Got up, got completely ready then laid down for just a forward to noon....I had missed church and was still in Lex.  By the time I drove the hour home I made it just in time to see everyone finish brunch.  Again, oops.  I did NOT get visited by the easter bunny this year. Sad face.  Guess that is just what happens when your parents have five grandkids.  Five you say??  Yes, Five.  Which brings me to my next story....

Monday - So Monday my brother got married.  We have known this marriage was coming for a while, but not this particular day.  All the cards just played out right and it seemed like a perfect day for it.  My Uncle, who is a preacher was in town for easter and would still be in town.  Family was in for the we just decided Monday.  It was so pretty and everything turned out great!  We were all so excited and happy.  I am so happy for my big brother, and love my new sister-n-law and her babies!!  (Hence the now 5 grandkids!)  Welcome to the Smith family Kaci, Austin, and Grayson!  I will post wedding pics as soon as we get them, but here are a couple of me with my brother and sister.

(My sister and I at the wedding - allergies = eyez iz puffy)

(Me, my brother and my sister - and yes, I know we look nothing alike.  We are for realz siblings, I swear.)

Since I had to miss work on Monday I have spent the rest of the week catching up.  But today is Thursday, which means my weekend starts today!!  Yay!  Taryn and I are heading downtown tonight for the first "Thursday Night Live" of the year and I am so excited.  It is finally a pretty day in Lex and should make for a fun evening spent outside!  This text convo today made me laugh...this is how pumped we were for TNL (or really just the wine, I guess) 

So, I'm off!  Hope you have all had a great week and I promise I will start doing better with this posting biz.

P.S.  Found this thru my bloggy friend at We're Just Like You, Only Prettier and in the words of Rachel Zoe...I die!  Pretty sure RZ never said that about a gun but, I reallllllly want this!  I have been wanting/needing a new gun for a while and I think this little lady is the one!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday :)

Just a few of my favorite things...

{Rajon Rondo, (Perkins - no longer on the team), Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics.  I love this pic, even tho it is from last year}

{The song I've been jammin to lately}

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A very crazy, funny, random string of events from this past weekend.  The only thing I can think is that I must have been rockin some good jeans Sat night.  Jeans that attract a certain type of individual.

I know it has been a minute since my last post and I really wanted to tell you all about my weekend but sometimes my Monday bloggy post can be a little bit of a downer.  Y'all know how I feel about Mondays and even after a fun-filled weekend, it is hard for me to get past the poopyness.  So, here I am, on Tuesday, to tell you about my weekend. 

First things first, I told y'all last week about Boston coming to town.   Well, I met them out on Thursday and we had fun.  I really like his whole group of friends, they are really nice and tons of fun.  And long story short...after this weekend I realized I like him just as much as I like all of his friends.  And no more (and ehh...sometimes even less).  So nothing too eventful from Thursday night.  Lets fast forward to Saturday...

Saturday night....

Miranda and I headed downtown to get a bite to eat and some vino at Bellini's.  The dinner convo consisted of 1) hearing about Miranda's wedding dress shopping...She found her dress this weekend!!  Yay!  and 2)  Trying to figure out how to meet up with everyone we had promised to meet up with that night.  Ok, I'm not gonna lie.  I may or may not have promised Boston I would meet them out and also promised another guy I would meet him out too.  (I will go in to more detail about him in the future, if it becomes necessary).  So we finished up with dinner and headed to SkyBar to meet Boston.  Well, Boston and friends had been to Keeneland all day (i.e. drinking the entire day) and were already a few bottles of Grey Goose in.  This equals a bunch of loud, semi obnoxious guys.  Here is where the randomness starts. 

I apologize ahead of time because I am not going to name names but I think you will be able to figure it out....

Up walks a former UK bball player (who may or may not be one of our coaches now).  He chit chatted with us for a bit and he was so nice.  Well, unfortunately my 'friends' were not.  This same bballer may have also played for the Boston Celtics once upon a time and according to these Boston guys, did not do such a great job.  Miranda and I had to quickly remind them that a crowded bar in Lexington, KY is not where you want to be overheard talking ish about a former UK basketball player (who may have lead the team to a NCAA title, and may have his jersey retired).  So we focused our attention away from the embarrassment that was becoming our Boston crowd and continued our nice convo with our bball friend.  Here is a funny little snippet from our baller convo.

Bballer to me:  "I swear I know you from somewhere.  We've met before, right?"
Me: "Nope, I don't think so."
Bballer:  "You look so familiar, I really think I know you.  Are you sure?
Me "Yep, I'm pretty sure."
Bballer: "Thats crazy, I really feel like I know you.  I mean not THAT way.  Wait... maaaybe THAT way????"
Me: "Um NO! Def not.  I promise we have never met!"

Yes friends, this bballer was pretty sure he knew me...and yes I do mean in the biblical sense.  Maybe its just cuz I look so much like Ashley Judd.  Bahahaha.

I wish I could say that was where the randomness ended....oh, but it is not.

So we left SkyBar to go across the street to Harvey's.  Well, wouldn't you know standing outside of Harvey's was two more UK bballers (current players).  They called us over to them and we chatted, and got interrupted a bunch by girls wanting me to take pictures of them with the guys.  They were also both really nice.  One of them was especially "friendly" to me.  After talking for a few minutes he got my number and asked if he could call me.  Then he asked if he could have a hug.  I thought this was innocent enough.  Not so much. This was a pretty serious hug, that turned into some inappropriate grabbing of my hind quarters and umm...more.  This is not okay, I don't care who you are.   Did I mention this was on Main Street in front of God and everybody??  (Everybody including my ex, who now works the door at the bar we were standing right outside of.  hahaha  Oops.)  He continued to blow my phone up all night. Oh but don't worry, he likes older women.  (This was his response when I told him I was old enough to be his mother.  Okay so not really but he is only 19 and I am almost 29.)  But hey, now I can say I have made out with a kid that is 10 years younger than me.  Awesome.  (Disclaimer**If it is not obvious, there is a LOT of sarcasm in that "awesome"....  But I will say, it was maybe one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me and made for a lot of laughs.)  Here is a little hint :

All in all, it was a really fun/random/crazy/hilarious night.  Def one for the record books.  And I learned a lot of valuable lessons like....When someone tells you they are going to steal a kiss, believe them!  And never wear the jeans I was wearing that night again. Or.... maybe wear them everyday, depending on how you want the night to turn out.

Have a good week lovelies and I'll try to do better with posting this week! 

Oh, and don't forget to cheer for the Celtics and my main baller, Rajon Rondo in the playoffs!! They play the Knicks tonight at 7.  Don't miss it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Come Monday...

...actually no, Monday can go.

I honestly think I go through a period of mourning every Sunday night.  Obviously because I'm sad the weekend is over but for other reasons too.  For one, it means it is time to go back to work.  We all know how I feel about my job so this is clearly not something I get excited about.  It also comes with the nervous "what drama am I going to walk in to today?" feeling.  Plus, I actually work all day on Monday so I spend most of Sunday night dreading the eight hour shift ahead of me.  Good news is, its all downhill after Monday!  The rest of the week I go back to my part time (apparently I am in high school and this is my after school job???) work schedule.  Oh my word how I envy people who enjoy their jobs.  One day that will be me!  I can't wait :)

The plus side....I had a really great weekend.  Lazy Friday night, which is always nice.  On Saturday, I had a nice dinner with Miranda and Taryn and Keith.  We went to Merrick and sat on the patio and it was great.  I love being able to sit on a patio and have dinner and wine with friends.  Whether it is a restaurant patio or just at one of our houses, I just love to be outside. 

(Taryn and I at Merrick)

After that we went to Harry's and had a couple drinks, but it was an early night.  Sunday afternoon Miranda and her parents came over and we did all kinds of landscaping work.  It looks so nice now!  I cant wait until the plants and flowers grow and start to fill in a little more.  Last night, before it got dark we took Bentley to Jacobson park and walked about 2 miles.  He loved it, but he was SO tired last night.  He passed out as soon as we got home and slept until about 9 this morning.  I had to wake him up to go out and that never happens.  He's a little bit of a fatty and needs the exercise.  We will be doing this more often!

(Bentley at the park)

Last night was the premier of Khloe and Lamar. 

I absolutely love the Kardashians, so I have been really excited about this. So I am not surprised that it is now another one of my must see TV shows. I like Khloe and Lamar together.  I admit, I was a skeptic at first.  Come on, met and married within a month??!!  But I really think they are good together and will make it.  I say this about every Hollywood couple and then I am legit crushed when the relationship doesn't  last.  Reese and Jake almost made me lose faith in relationships all together.  Sigh. 

In other news....

I have a visitor coming this weekend.  Last year, I met a guy from Boston while he was here in Lexington.  We hit it off immediately and made it a point to keep in touch.  Things were good at first, and it was fun and exciting.  We talked pretty much nonstop all day, everyday, for the first few months and I made a few trips to Boston to visit him.  By the way, I looooove Boston.  It is such a fun town.  If you have never been, GO.  It does not disappoint.  But after a while the visits got more spread out and the reality of the "long distance" set in.  We still talk almost every day but I haven't seen him since July, so its just kinda weird.  I'm excited to see him, but not as excited as I feel like I should be.  I also think I may just be a little nervous that this visit will just start the whole cycle over, and I'm not sure I wanna go through it again.  I will say though, as it gets closer, I get more excited, so maybe by Thursday......??  I'll keep you all posted with any updates on that issue. 

Well, congrats everyone!  We made it through another Monday.  Have a great week!  I'm going to go continue stuffing my face with 'fun size' York peppermint patties until it is officially Tuesday.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Want in one hand....

...Any one who knows my dad knows the rest of this saying.   I'll keep it to myself for those who don't.

Im in need of some major retail therapy!!

Here are the things I'm needing/wanting right now. 

First of all, the Clarisonic.  I've talked about this before, debated trying the Olay version, but was told not to.  Eveyone I know that has one of these, swears by it.  I think it is definitely a must have for my new skin care routine...

Heard about this little gem and I am so pumped to try it.  I LOVE my MAC StudioFix compact so I am totally amped about this.  Anyone tried it? Thoughts?

Today is opening day at Keeneland and the weather here in the Bluegrass is beautiful.  And I am totally in the 'spring' of things!....haha...get it?  Even worn my flippies a few times this week.  Which has brought to my attention how badly this little lady needs a pedi!  I am still rocking Teenage Dream on my hands and toesies, but I am loving all the new spring colors from Essie. 

(french affair)

(nice is nice)

(boat house - love the coral trend!)

I'm also really a big fan of the hot pink lip trend.  But I am so not the kind of person who can pull this off.  Still fun though, right?

Spring also has me VERY aware of how close we are to summer and swimsuit weather!  We know what that means.  Bathing suit shopping time.  My friend Taryn puts this nightmare in to words best, so I will leave that to her.  Check it out, she is hilarious and totally captures all the fun little enjoyments of swimsuit shopping. 

I like this suit from Vickies...

(not sure what color....probably different bottoms...Lots of work/working out to do!)

So now that I have my timeline in order, I have also been slapped in the face with my need to get myself in swimsuit shape.  This girl has got to get her lazy butt movin!  I need to find some motivation ASAP.  Here is what I'm going for! hahaha

(yeah right!!  In my dreams!)

I have also been tormented with hair decisions the last few days....most of you knew me in my blonde days.  For those of you who didn't....flashback time.

(whoa, that is blonde)

I am tempted to go back to this, but realistically, it would take too long to get this back and by then it would be winter, so it wouldn't really work anyway.  So, I'm thinking more along these lines.......thoughts?

Now, I just need to get a job so I can buy all of these goodies!  haha....
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In my mind I'm goin to Carolina...

Insert James Taylor here...

So....y'all know how I have been talking about wanting to move???
What about Charleston, SC??
I've been there before.  I really liked it.  And the weather is warm and pretty more often than it is not. That is really my one and only requirement.  Well, that and being able to find a job there.  Only problem is I don't know a single person that lives there...hmmm.  I love the Southern charm, the Lilly wardrobe, the horse drawn carriages, all the historic buildings and houses....

Look how pretty!

I want to be right here on this porch, right now.

So, what is everyone's opinion on Charleston??  Good choice?  How is the job market there?  Anyone have any connections or contacts for me?? ;)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I've been saved by the grace of Southern charm....

Thats why its pretty important to me to remain classy...

Some people don't share these same priorities.  You know the background story...the "shutting off the ex-bf's cell phone story" .  You also know the  "ex-bf works with me and dates one of our members" story...
Well, apparently when I left work last night, new girlfriend called me a "stupid bitch" as I walked out, add this to all the bitchy facebook remarks and you get the full effect of the middle school, class-less girl I am dealing with.  I don't think I will ever get to a point in my life where I understand this level of trashy-ness. I work here people.  This is my place of employment.  If you can't feel comfortable at your job, that's not okay.  I really don't like spending my entire day at work worrying that I'm being talked about or made fun of the whole time.  I get that feeling in my stomach like I might throw up for hours before I walk in to work EVERY DAY.  I get so stressed about having to go there the next day that I get really bad knots in my back and neck that are so uncomfortable I can't sleep at night, and am constatly in pain.  To say that this job is not good for me emotionally is an understatement.  Its not good for my health either!   Don't get me wrong, I'm not a push over and I know how to stand up for myself, I'm just not a fighter.  I'm really trying to take the high road and I usually find that all the awesome comments and witty shit-talking that I come up with won't do the job near as well as silence does, so I avoid doing any of that.  When people are looking for a rise out of you, the best rataliation you have is silence.  Nothing irritates them more.  Insert Rev Run quote "When all else fails, smile.  It either warms their heart or pisses them off, either way, YOU WIN!"  Don't get me wrong I have come up with the best of the best in facebook statuses and comments and bitchy retorts that I could have said.  Also thought of putting every word of Miranda Lambert "Only Prettier" as my status more than once, but I'm a nice I didn't.

And all this is fine and dandy.....but does absolutely NOTHING to make my work environment any easier or more enjoyable.  So today, I went to work determined to say I was no longer going to work evenings while she was there.  I figure all these actions stem from her insecurity with me and maybe if I am out of sight, I will in turn be out of (her) mind (....and mouth).  My bosses were super understandable about all of this.  They assured me that she and he will both be addressed and that if anything else happened, she would lose her membership and he would lose his job.  Good, right??  Ehhh, yeah, kinda....  But then it puts me in that same position that kids who are bullied at school face when their mom comes to school to "take care of it."  I feel like I am more than capable of taking this matter in my own hands.  But the outcome of that would probably just be her getting pissed and I would end up losing my job.  So now I am spending the rest of my day on "paid time off," while management deals with the issue at hand.  Let's just say that I don't think it is going to be any easier, not to mention any more fun, for me to go to work the next few days, and I'm not looking forward to it, one bit.  Geeeeeez!  Is this ever going to be over!?  I am definitely at a breaking point and not sure how much longer I can put up with this.

So, I left work, bought a bottle of wine, and called in the troops.  I am so tired of all of this.  We broke up a year ago!  Can't we all just move on?!  

Please just pray for me that this is all over soon and I will find another job and can just get out of here and leave this all behind me....finally...

"Even on my weakest days...I get a little bit stronger."

Quick question....

This bloggin chica needs some assistance....

1)  I am obviously having some issues finding a cute background, since I change it every other day....Everytime I get one I think I like, I either get over pretty fast, or realize everyone else in the blogging universe also has it as their background. OF course, the lovely miss LouLou has an awesome one, but she's quite a bit more creative than I.  I want something fun, girly, and unique!....any suggestions??

2)  I keep having people tell me they are having problems commenting on my post or following me....What's up with that?  I've tried everything I know to try to fix it.  I'm at a loss.  Any tips??

3)  Also, I try not to mention my blog on facebook because I want to be free to vent about any topic of my choosing on here and I have a lot of co-workers as Fbook friends.  Hopefully I will find that new job soon and this won't be an issue, but until then.....please, if you like my blog...share it with your friends and ask them to follow.  My only way of getting out there is pure chance that people end up on my page, or word of  mouth....SO get those mouths movin :)

Thats all I have for now....boring I know.  But I'll try to get a more fun post done this evening.  Thanks bloggy friends!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Feelin kinda BLUE...

Well, I'm sure ya'll know by now but, UK lost to UCONN last night.  So, so sad.  It may sound rediculous, but in Kentucky UK basketball is a really big deal.  We don't have any professional teams, so the whole state rallies behind our college teams.  Add to that the fact that UK is usually a really good team and all the tradition and history behind UK basketball, and well, its just a big deal.  This years team was no exception.  We had some rough spots through the season, and no body expected us to do so well.  The fact that we even made it to the Final Four was a huge accomplishment and I couldn't be more proud of my Wildcats and the fact that I can say I am a University of Kentucky Alum.  And I am so happy that they still had a huge crowd to welcome them home at the airport today, even after a loss. But, I'm still...very heart broken. 

But, we had a great time enjoying the game day festivities.  We wore our blue...obvi... 

and...We made our pimp cups to enjoy the game.  Because clearly you can't have as good of a time without pimp cups.

The idea for the cups and directions for how to make them came from the lovely PinkLouLou.  If you don't already read her blog, start.  Ours didn't turn out quite as lovely, but we still loved them. And we learned what we would do different when we make them again.  We went down to the Two Keys area to watch the game.  That was were the madness would have been centered if we had won, so we wanted to be part of the excitement.  Not so much excitement after we lost tho.  And I must say, walking out of the bar into streets lined with police in full riot gear was not only rediculous, but also kind of a sad slap in the face of the enjoyment we were not going to get to experience.

Other good times this weekend.....

Know the ex I have mentioned a few times before??  Well, that ex has continued to be on a cell phone plan with my family for almost a year now, since we broke up.  Problem with that is (well, obviously there are a lot of problems with that but...) he doesn't think it is really a priority to pay that phone bill.  If you had any other utility or service and paid it a total of four times in over a year would you still expect to have that utility or service? NO.  Well, he does.  I offered him (over a month ago) to buy my contacts in exchange for two months of the bill.  (His mom works at my eye doctor)  Bringing his grand total of money owed to just a little over $300.  This seemed like a pretty good offer to me.  Well, I still have no contacts, and no phone bill money.  So my happy little ass shut his service off yesterday.  This came as a huge surprise to him.  Go figure??!!  He just happened to be with friends from work (both of our work, as you remember from here), so needless to say he and his new girlfriend talked quite a bit of ish about me last night to a whole bunch of mutual friends/coworkers.  Awesome, right?  As if I didn't enjoy going to my job, for this very reason, enough as it is.  So I have that to look forward to this week.  Happy Monday to me!  He is clearly very upset with me.  He even defriended me on Facebook.  ooohhhh burn!  That cuts deep.  Coincidently enough tho, his new little girlfriend didn't.  Wonder why?  Oh, that would be because you can't see anything on my profile if we are not friends and I'm sure they didn't want to lose their connection so they could still stalk my every move and make underhanded comments on her profile and make sure I still can see them.  Are we 13?  Cuz I'm damn near 30 and this is just rediculous to me.  Poor girl.  She has no idea what she is getting herself in to.  And the day will come when she feels like a pretty huge idiot for standing up for him.  She really has a prize with that one....a part time employed, un-educated 26 year old guy with no money, no future plans, no degree and no plans of going to college, no car, no credit, and lives with his parents, in their garage.  Oh, and he's cheated on every girlfriend he's ever had.  Duh,  (she's obviously) Winning!!  Insert Kellie Pickler "Best Days of Your Life" --"I've been told that a cheater is always a cheater, so I've got my pride and she's got you."

Sorry, I'm usually not an "air-my-dirty-laundry-in public" kinda girl, but I just had to vent a little there.  I've really done a good job of taking the high road in this stiuation but when you start trying to purposefully make my work environment miserable, I draw the line.

Back to the fun stuff....

Academy of Country Music awards are on...and everybody looks so pretty!  I love Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood and Zac Brown Band, and Sara Evans and Lady Antebellum, etc, etc, etc. 

I just really wish Carrie had asked me before she borrowed my legs tonight... 

(not a pic from tonight, but you get the idea....her body is redicuous)

And O!.....M!.....G!....please tell me you saw James Taylor perform "Colder Weather" with Zac Brown Band.  I die.  That song is amazing anyway, add James Taylor and WOW.  Amaze balls.  May possibly have teared up a lil.  You have to understand my love for everything James Taylor.  His voice immediately takes me back to my childhood, my mom, the beach, California...all the good stuff.

....I just saw the first preview for "Something Borrowed!"  I read this book a few years ago so I am pumped!  And I love the cast they chose to play all the characters.  I'm so excited to go see it!

I'm also excited to see "Water for Elephants"  not just because I love Robby P and Reese but because I also read this book.   Although I almost stopped (and almost burned it) several times because its about the traveling circus in the early 1900s and they are not always so nice to the circus animals.  And the book is pretty descriptive about the horrible things they do to them.  If you know me, I have zero ability to cope with bad animal stories.  Not in movies, books, or real life.  I don't do well at all.  Considering how bad the book was about this, makes me nervous about the movie, fo reals.  But other than that, it just looks so good!

I hope everybody has a great week.  Good night and remember how lucky you are for all the good things in your life...Nieces and nephews that love you more than life, great parents, awesome brothers and sisters, fun and supportive friends, the best friend/company/snuggle partner dog ever, a fun weekend vacay with friends to look forward to, and all the fun and exciting surprises life has in store.....These are just a few of the things I'm thankful for anyway :)

"Just when you think it can't get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can't get any better, it can."