Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A very crazy, funny, random string of events from this past weekend.  The only thing I can think is that I must have been rockin some good jeans Sat night.  Jeans that attract a certain type of individual.

I know it has been a minute since my last post and I really wanted to tell you all about my weekend but sometimes my Monday bloggy post can be a little bit of a downer.  Y'all know how I feel about Mondays and even after a fun-filled weekend, it is hard for me to get past the poopyness.  So, here I am, on Tuesday, to tell you about my weekend. 

First things first, I told y'all last week about Boston coming to town.   Well, I met them out on Thursday and we had fun.  I really like his whole group of friends, they are really nice and tons of fun.  And long story short...after this weekend I realized I like him just as much as I like all of his friends.  And no more (and ehh...sometimes even less).  So nothing too eventful from Thursday night.  Lets fast forward to Saturday...

Saturday night....

Miranda and I headed downtown to get a bite to eat and some vino at Bellini's.  The dinner convo consisted of 1) hearing about Miranda's wedding dress shopping...She found her dress this weekend!!  Yay!  and 2)  Trying to figure out how to meet up with everyone we had promised to meet up with that night.  Ok, I'm not gonna lie.  I may or may not have promised Boston I would meet them out and also promised another guy I would meet him out too.  (I will go in to more detail about him in the future, if it becomes necessary).  So we finished up with dinner and headed to SkyBar to meet Boston.  Well, Boston and friends had been to Keeneland all day (i.e. drinking the entire day) and were already a few bottles of Grey Goose in.  This equals a bunch of loud, semi obnoxious guys.  Here is where the randomness starts. 

I apologize ahead of time because I am not going to name names but I think you will be able to figure it out....

Up walks a former UK bball player (who may or may not be one of our coaches now).  He chit chatted with us for a bit and he was so nice.  Well, unfortunately my 'friends' were not.  This same bballer may have also played for the Boston Celtics once upon a time and according to these Boston guys, did not do such a great job.  Miranda and I had to quickly remind them that a crowded bar in Lexington, KY is not where you want to be overheard talking ish about a former UK basketball player (who may have lead the team to a NCAA title, and may have his jersey retired).  So we focused our attention away from the embarrassment that was becoming our Boston crowd and continued our nice convo with our bball friend.  Here is a funny little snippet from our baller convo.

Bballer to me:  "I swear I know you from somewhere.  We've met before, right?"
Me: "Nope, I don't think so."
Bballer:  "You look so familiar, I really think I know you.  Are you sure?
Me "Yep, I'm pretty sure."
Bballer: "Thats crazy, I really feel like I know you.  I mean not THAT way.  Wait... maaaybe THAT way????"
Me: "Um NO! Def not.  I promise we have never met!"

Yes friends, this bballer was pretty sure he knew me...and yes I do mean in the biblical sense.  Maybe its just cuz I look so much like Ashley Judd.  Bahahaha.

I wish I could say that was where the randomness ended....oh, but it is not.

So we left SkyBar to go across the street to Harvey's.  Well, wouldn't you know standing outside of Harvey's was two more UK bballers (current players).  They called us over to them and we chatted, and got interrupted a bunch by girls wanting me to take pictures of them with the guys.  They were also both really nice.  One of them was especially "friendly" to me.  After talking for a few minutes he got my number and asked if he could call me.  Then he asked if he could have a hug.  I thought this was innocent enough.  Not so much. This was a pretty serious hug, that turned into some inappropriate grabbing of my hind quarters and umm...more.  This is not okay, I don't care who you are.   Did I mention this was on Main Street in front of God and everybody??  (Everybody including my ex, who now works the door at the bar we were standing right outside of.  hahaha  Oops.)  He continued to blow my phone up all night. Oh but don't worry, he likes older women.  (This was his response when I told him I was old enough to be his mother.  Okay so not really but he is only 19 and I am almost 29.)  But hey, now I can say I have made out with a kid that is 10 years younger than me.  Awesome.  (Disclaimer**If it is not obvious, there is a LOT of sarcasm in that "awesome"....  But I will say, it was maybe one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me and made for a lot of laughs.)  Here is a little hint :

All in all, it was a really fun/random/crazy/hilarious night.  Def one for the record books.  And I learned a lot of valuable lessons like....When someone tells you they are going to steal a kiss, believe them!  And never wear the jeans I was wearing that night again. Or.... maybe wear them everyday, depending on how you want the night to turn out.

Have a good week lovelies and I'll try to do better with posting this week! 

Oh, and don't forget to cheer for the Celtics and my main baller, Rajon Rondo in the playoffs!! They play the Knicks tonight at 7.  Don't miss it!

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