Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where I've been...

Whoa....It has been a hot minute since I have done a post.  I apologize.

I have had a really fun and eventful week.  Lots of fun, new and exciting things going on in my family and life.  So I'll start with last week...

Wednesday, I had a little datey poo.   I'm gonna be honest, I'm not one of those "hey at least its a free meal" kinda girls.  I hate dates.  Regardless of how excited I am about the boy involved, I think they are miz.  Well, I was no more excited for this one.  This makes me sound like a huge bi***  I know.  I had been talking/texting with this guy for a lil bit, and I just knew from the beginning he wasn't really for me.  He is a great, nice guy, but it just wasn't clicking.  And then later this weekend, he pulled the jealousy card over me talking to one of my best guy friends.  Thats where this little train comes to a fast stop!  I think I told you before, but I don't care if we are married, I don't put up with the jealous guy 'tude.  Definitely don't deal when it comes from a guy that I have gone on ONE date with.  RED FLAG!!  So, in a nutshell....don't think you'll be hearing anymore about him! 

In other boy news....I'm still hearing from my baller friend.  He's pretty persistent.  Even after I let him stand outside (because he couldn't get in--only 19 remember?) a bar 'waiting for me to come out' for over an hour Saturday night....oops.  He is fun to talk to tho, I'm not gonna lie.  Hey, it will be a story for the grandkids one day if he ends up in the NBA.  Bahaha.  I kidz, I kidz.

On Friday night I met Taryn and Keith at the mall.  I have looked ALL OVER Lexington for more Celtics shirts and I can not find a thing!  This is so irritating.  If I were a HEAT fan this would not be nearly an issue.  But no Celtics stuff to be found.  So if you all know of anywhere???  Let this chica know.  The highlight of this trip to the mall was definitely (not) the tornado that got us locked in to the center of the mall for about an hour.  Speaking of tornados, can we talk about this weather??  SERIOUSLY PEOPLE.  Like 100 tornado warnings in one week?  Over it.  After we left the mall, we grabbed some din din at The Pub and watched the Celtics embarrass (er, I mean beat) the KNICKS.  Taryn and I also found a fun little gem in an $18 bottle of Pinot Grigio there.  Special.  Don't worry mom, we made you proud.  None of that bottle was wasted.

(Bentley in the bathroom with me during a tornado warning...he just got his hair did obvi...he may be a lil nakey, but still handsome as ever...and yes, that is a pink UK collar.  Its ok for boy dogs to wear pink, promise.)

Saturday was a day full of drinking fun.  We started with a glass of vino (or two) at Taryn's around 11am (hey, don't judge, it was 5'o clock somewhere), grabbed a couple of what we like to call "purse bottles" at the liquor store, then we were off to Keeneland!  The weather wasn't great, but at least it didn't rain (while we were there anyway).  We had a great time.  I even won $150 on a $6 bet!  Score!  Later that night we went to dinner (and had a few 'ritas) and then out to the bars.  I caught up with a 'good' friend and talked to/hung out with him most of the night {This may or may not be worthy of more bloggy talk, verdict is still out on that one.  Well, let's be honest, it will be worthy of more stories for sure, but not sure if that will be good or bad stories. We will have to wait to find that out...} And of course my baller friend was out as well (as I mentioned earlier in this post).  We left pretty early, but we had fun.  We were just really tired after a long day of drinky drinky.

(Starting the morning of at T-Lo's)

Which leads me to Sunday...

Sunday - Easter Sunday, of course.  I was supposed to get up early and drive home for Mass and Easter brunch.  Well, I had no problem waking up early.  I did however have a little bit of a problem staying up.  Got up, got completely ready then laid down for just a forward to noon....I had missed church and was still in Lex.  By the time I drove the hour home I made it just in time to see everyone finish brunch.  Again, oops.  I did NOT get visited by the easter bunny this year. Sad face.  Guess that is just what happens when your parents have five grandkids.  Five you say??  Yes, Five.  Which brings me to my next story....

Monday - So Monday my brother got married.  We have known this marriage was coming for a while, but not this particular day.  All the cards just played out right and it seemed like a perfect day for it.  My Uncle, who is a preacher was in town for easter and would still be in town.  Family was in for the we just decided Monday.  It was so pretty and everything turned out great!  We were all so excited and happy.  I am so happy for my big brother, and love my new sister-n-law and her babies!!  (Hence the now 5 grandkids!)  Welcome to the Smith family Kaci, Austin, and Grayson!  I will post wedding pics as soon as we get them, but here are a couple of me with my brother and sister.

(My sister and I at the wedding - allergies = eyez iz puffy)

(Me, my brother and my sister - and yes, I know we look nothing alike.  We are for realz siblings, I swear.)

Since I had to miss work on Monday I have spent the rest of the week catching up.  But today is Thursday, which means my weekend starts today!!  Yay!  Taryn and I are heading downtown tonight for the first "Thursday Night Live" of the year and I am so excited.  It is finally a pretty day in Lex and should make for a fun evening spent outside!  This text convo today made me laugh...this is how pumped we were for TNL (or really just the wine, I guess) 

So, I'm off!  Hope you have all had a great week and I promise I will start doing better with this posting biz.

P.S.  Found this thru my bloggy friend at We're Just Like You, Only Prettier and in the words of Rachel Zoe...I die!  Pretty sure RZ never said that about a gun but, I reallllllly want this!  I have been wanting/needing a new gun for a while and I think this little lady is the one!

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