Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quick question....

This bloggin chica needs some assistance....

1)  I am obviously having some issues finding a cute background, since I change it every other day....Everytime I get one I think I like, I either get over pretty fast, or realize everyone else in the blogging universe also has it as their background. OF course, the lovely miss LouLou has an awesome one, but she's quite a bit more creative than I.  I want something fun, girly, and unique!....any suggestions??

2)  I keep having people tell me they are having problems commenting on my post or following me....What's up with that?  I've tried everything I know to try to fix it.  I'm at a loss.  Any tips??

3)  Also, I try not to mention my blog on facebook because I want to be free to vent about any topic of my choosing on here and I have a lot of co-workers as Fbook friends.  Hopefully I will find that new job soon and this won't be an issue, but until then.....please, if you like my blog...share it with your friends and ask them to follow.  My only way of getting out there is pure chance that people end up on my page, or word of  mouth....SO get those mouths movin :)

Thats all I have for now....boring I know.  But I'll try to get a more fun post done this evening.  Thanks bloggy friends!

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Anonymous said...

hang in there girl. just sit back with your bottle of wine and enjoy your free time with pay!