Friday, April 8, 2011

Want in one hand....

...Any one who knows my dad knows the rest of this saying.   I'll keep it to myself for those who don't.

Im in need of some major retail therapy!!

Here are the things I'm needing/wanting right now. 

First of all, the Clarisonic.  I've talked about this before, debated trying the Olay version, but was told not to.  Eveyone I know that has one of these, swears by it.  I think it is definitely a must have for my new skin care routine...

Heard about this little gem and I am so pumped to try it.  I LOVE my MAC StudioFix compact so I am totally amped about this.  Anyone tried it? Thoughts?

Today is opening day at Keeneland and the weather here in the Bluegrass is beautiful.  And I am totally in the 'spring' of things!....haha...get it?  Even worn my flippies a few times this week.  Which has brought to my attention how badly this little lady needs a pedi!  I am still rocking Teenage Dream on my hands and toesies, but I am loving all the new spring colors from Essie. 

(french affair)

(nice is nice)

(boat house - love the coral trend!)

I'm also really a big fan of the hot pink lip trend.  But I am so not the kind of person who can pull this off.  Still fun though, right?

Spring also has me VERY aware of how close we are to summer and swimsuit weather!  We know what that means.  Bathing suit shopping time.  My friend Taryn puts this nightmare in to words best, so I will leave that to her.  Check it out, she is hilarious and totally captures all the fun little enjoyments of swimsuit shopping. 

I like this suit from Vickies...

(not sure what color....probably different bottoms...Lots of work/working out to do!)

So now that I have my timeline in order, I have also been slapped in the face with my need to get myself in swimsuit shape.  This girl has got to get her lazy butt movin!  I need to find some motivation ASAP.  Here is what I'm going for! hahaha

(yeah right!!  In my dreams!)

I have also been tormented with hair decisions the last few days....most of you knew me in my blonde days.  For those of you who didn't....flashback time.

(whoa, that is blonde)

I am tempted to go back to this, but realistically, it would take too long to get this back and by then it would be winter, so it wouldn't really work anyway.  So, I'm thinking more along these lines.......thoughts?

Now, I just need to get a job so I can buy all of these goodies!  haha....
Have a great weekend!


Taryn said...

So, thoughts on the hair dilemma...I am a fan of the blonde blonde blonde (like in your picture) or the dark chocolate brunette. Not that you would or have ever looked bad with the in-between look. Those are just my fave Whitney looks. Loving the Essie polish too. Can't beat Essie and OPI for spring. Im thinking I might go with the throwback "You Rock-A-poco red" from Opi next mani. <3 you!

Parrotlyn said...

I'm with Taryn on the hair dilemma. I like one extreme or the other. You never seem to be very happy with the in between.
I also like the charleston idea. I love Charleston!! And it's not too far :)