Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The funny (and NOT so funny) parts of my not so good day...

Disclaimer:  This is long, but it had to be to get the full effect. I tried to keep it as short as possible. I apologize...

At 11:03 pm last night I sent my sister a text that said "I really don't wanna go to work tomorrow..."  Well, I should have gone with my gut on this one.  I should have stayed home....

Back up to almost a year ago....the short story...
Dated a guy for three + years.  We worked together at the same gym where we both still work (not nearly as much fun as I'm sure it sounds).  Fast forward through some fidelity issues...(just to make the situation even more fun these "issues" just happened to be with some girls that are members of the gym.  Did I mention we both still work there.  Yes? okay, just making sure.)....and relationship ended.  Even though it has been a while now, there are still some weird/awkward/hard days.  Now he is dating another girl (oh yes, don't you worry, she is, of course, also a member of the gym) and I have to see unfold in front of me, every day of my life.  For those of you that don't know me this may sound like I'm not over him.  That is HONESTLY not the case.  (Those that know me well KNOW that is not the case)  I realize that it was not a good relationship, with someone that does not even come close to what I want in a boyfriend/future husband/future-father-of-my-children.  And it was actually a blessing, the huge bullet that I dodged. But that still doesn't make it any easier to work in this environment.  The worst part is that I constantly feel kind of betrayed by the people I work with.  I know, I know...that probably sounds kind of selfish but I can't help it.  Constantly seeing people that I work with (and consider my friends) make comments about the two of them on facebook, or "like"-ing pictures of the two of them together, or "like"-ing her statuses about nice things he has done for her.....Its just not a healthy environment for me.  Another reason why I need a new job STAT!!  Last night I found out through facebook that I had been left out of some get-togethers this weekend that they both got envited to and it just made me feel bad. Everybody going out to dinner, drinking and hanging out at our boss' house, etc.  And I'm sure I didn't get envited because people thought it would be awkward or hard for me to be there, and I guess I get that.  But it seems like I'm the one who usually gets left out and that stinks.  So, the thought of going to work today made me wanna hurl. 
I clearly should have gone with my gut.  Here is how my day went...

Get to work, make it through the first few hours then decided to leave to get some lunch.  I had a bunch of other errands to run for the gym so I head to the bank, MaxMuscle and Target.  As I'm leaving Target I'm attempting to turn left at the same time a lady across from me is waiting to turn right.  It is clear both ways and I figure it will take me longer to cross the lanes of traffic than it will for her to simply turn right so I go ahead.  I guess me going made her nervous, so she didn't go.  So I stop at the median and motion for her to pull out ahead of me.  She does.  No big deal right? Wrong.  I pull into my lane and realize she has manuevered so that she could get  behind me.  We get stopped at a light.  As I'm waiting for the light I see she has gotten out of her car and is walking to my door.  I think she needs directions or something, so I roll my window down.  This is the conversation that follows....

Lady: "Umm, did you just give me the finger back there??"
Me:  (so confused at this point) "No, I motioned (I act out the "motion") for you to go ahead if that is what you mean??
Lady:  "It was my turn, I don't need some little white girl to tell me when I can turn."

At this point, I'm no longer confused, I'm pissed.  I give her a look that I'm assuming probably looked like a mix of  'you are the dumbest person I have ever seen' and 'you have no idea the mood I am in today and you have clearly F'ed with the wrong girl' and respond...

Me: "Are you kidding me??  Who do you think you are??  Get out of my face and take that ghetto attitude back to Ohio."  (she had Ohio plates-I'm usually not so trashy but I was in a bd mood)
Brooke - this reminded me of a certain little episode in front of our house on Sherard Circle.  You remember??
I roll my window up, continue through the light and carry on with my day.....For approximately a minute and a half... then this happened....

Sitting at another light behind a white car in a right hand turning lane, we have a green light.  White car starts to go so I start to go, white car stops so I stop.  I'm looking straight in front of me the whole time.  I'm so confused about why she is stopped and not moving through the green light when her parking lights come on and she steps out of the car.  WTF???  She walks to the back of her car, walks in between our two cars checking everything out.  I roll my window down.  "Did we hit??", I ask.  She walks to my window.  "um yeah you just ran into me and if you hadn't been on your phone maybe you would have noticed."

You have got to be kidding me. 

Me:  "I was not on my phone."  (It was no where near my person at the time of this "accident")
Her:  "yes you were, I saw you with it in your hand in my mirror.  You were too busy playing with it and not paying attention to what you were doing."
Me:  Ma'am I swear I was not on my phone.
Her: Well maybe you were drinking out of that bottle (pointing to my Liter bottle of water in my console, clearly a Liter bottle of water and an iPhone are similar in size and shape and easily confused from a rear view mirror.  However, irrelevant since I wasn't drinking water either!)  either way, you weren't paying attention to what you were doing."

While this convo is taking place, her approx 13 year old daughter is on the phone with the police walking around my car saying "Green Toyota Camry, do you need her plates?  I think she was just gonna drive off..."

back to the lady...

Her: "Well there isn't any damage, not that I notice now anyway..."  (Cuz that stuff has a way of magically appearing hours later??)  but she's already called the police so we will have to wait now."

about 15 minutes in to the wait she walks back up to my window...

Her: handing me a pen and paper "go ahead and write down your driver's license number and insurance info."
Me: "the cop will take care of that when he gets here."
Her:  "well, we could wait for him all day and we are blocking traffic..." (now she thinks about that)
Me:  "well, since you already called and reported it, we can't just drive off now so we have to wait for him to get here."

fast forward about an hour....cop shows up....

Cop: "anybody hurt??"  "No" Any damages??" "No".  "you know you don't have to report it if there are no injuries or damages, right?"

Well, some of us do, but there are apparently some dumbasses out there that don't and get 911 dialed like it was a drive by shooting or something before they even check to see if there is a reason for us to hold up traffic and sit in our cars for an hour and a half waiting for the police....Then she didn't want to do the police report but still wanted my insurance info.  Doubt it lady!  So, we had to make the cop file a police report for nothing, which I'm sure he was pumped about.  But I wasn't about to give this crazy lady my info and have her come down with whiplash or thousands of dollars in damages sometime in the next few days without any proof. 

I am still 99.9% positive I never even hit the lady...

So now that is over, I head back to work.  Leave work around 7, dinner with Miranda, things are looking up.  Get home, take Bentley out and we walk to the mailbox.  In the mail I have another little surprise.  A little note from the KY dept of treasury that says.  "Dear Whitney, you know that ~$1000 refund you thought you were getting??  Just kidding!  We took it and paid taxes that you owed from 20 years ago that we haven't said anything about or made any attempt to collect from you before now.  Hope thats okay, but even if its not, we don't care cuz we are the IRS and we don't have to."  I may have paraphrased a little.

Clearly it is not my day.

I don't want this to be all bad and sad, so I'm gonna leave you with a happy, feel good song and some pictues of me and my awesome friends and family!  Enjoy :)

  This is the song playing in "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" when they are running around Santorini, Greece, and  I want to go there so bad.  Its my dream.  I think it will be my happy place.  I obsessively look at pictures and travel books about it all the time.  This song always takes me there, even if its not for real.

Celebrating New Year's Eve 2011

Girls trip to Boston ;)

Brooke - I mentioned her today and here , so I had to introduce you to her too ;)

My bestest and longest friend Aaron, because he is becoming a daddy to baby Charlie probably as we speak.  Every one please pray that every thing goes well for Aaron and Katie and little Charlie nugget.

Me and my sister Jamie and my Momma :)

All of us, including my brother and Dad.  When I called my Dad tonight crying about the tax story he said "I would do anything to fix it for you if I could." And I don't doubt that for a second.   I love my parents!

And no post would be complete without checking in on the Booger boy.  Here he is getting some sunshine!


Brooke said...

Oh my goodness! That does remind me of Sherrard Circle, lol! I can't believe Aaron is having a baby today!!! Tell him I said congratulations! For some reason the rear ending incident reminds me of that day on Rose Street, haha! When I hit that guy but honked my horn!!! HAHA! That was hilarious!

Whitney said...

Hahahaha...I had almost forgotten about that! That was so funny. On Rose Street when half of UK's campus was switching classes and crossing the street. Hilarious. What about the time you hit the biker?? hahaha!

Meagan said...

This sounds awful girl! I can't imagine having to work with my ex AND see him and his new girlfriend all of the time. I am sorry to hear you had such an awful day. I hope tomorrow is MUCH better!

PS- I am a new follower!