Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poor Boogey Man

For those of you who don't know this already, my sweet little angel fur-baby has some food issues.

Yes, this little angel cherub!

(He is straight from Jesus. God love him.)

He has pretty severe food allergies.  After he eats something he can't tolerate his little face swells up and itches so he runs around the house aggressively rubbing his face on everything (couches, carpet, walls...), his skin breaks out in little bumps, and it causes chronic ear infections.  Saddest. Thing. You. Have. Ever. Seen.  For serious. We have spent the last year (really longer) researching and trying new foods.  Problem is, we don't know exactly what he is allergic to.  The common causes are chicken (and all chicken by-products), beef, dairy, wheat, corn, and gluten.  Yes.  I'm serious.  We have tried hypo-allergenic food, limited ingredient foods, and even cooking for him myself (grass fed beef, with organic babyfood veggies and fruit).  So far no success.  The limited ingredient food worked for a while, then not so much... cooking caused digestive issues... no luck. 

So today I went to IncrediPet to investigate some more foods.  The staff there is really knowledgeable.  Waaaay more so than PetSmart.  And their foods are much higher quality.  After over an hour of reading dog food ingredient labels and talking with an employee that had a lot of experience in this field.....we picked out a new food.  The new food is "fish and sweet potato" and that is the only ingredients!  Hopefully this works. 

Here it is!  This is a $16 bag of food. 

And he can't have any treats either.  We were doing peanut butter but I was told to stop that, at least until we narrow down the allergy.  So for a "treat" he now gets the canned version of the same food in his KONG, frozen.  It looks and smells like sweet potato casserole....with fish in it. 

Yummy :)

Wish us luck.  Its been a hard, long, expensive road.  But nothing is too much for the love of my life :)

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