Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trained Assassin

Apparently my sweet little angel cherub from the Lord is also a stealthy killer.....Who knew??

Today in Lexington it is beautiful.  80 degrees, sun shining, awesome day.  So Taryn and I decided that meant we were obligated to sit on my patio and drink some vino.  Not quite a 'Tour deFranzia' night, just a glass (or maybe dos glasses).  So we are sitting on my patio enjoying the lovely evening, eating some sushi and shrimp cocktail and enjoying our tasty Sauvignon Blanc, with Bentley.  So relaxing, so quiet, and calm......when all of a sudden Bent runs to the fence and we can see something scurrying underneath.  Its a privacy fence so we can't see the other side, but at one point it is four or five inches above the ground, so we can see under.  Then out of no where a huge opossum runs under the fence on to my patio.  Within seconds, Bentley, my sweet little angel cherub from the Lord (I will keep repeating this lest you forget this about him after hearing this story) has him cornered, grabs him in his mouth by its neck, two or three quick jerks and shakes of his head and opossum goes limp.  Meanwhile, the whole time I'm yelling at Bentley, "Drop It!" (his command that he usually obeys like a little soldier, not so much this time) because I'm worried that this little rodent will bite him or hurt him somehow.  Not so much, opossum didn't stand a chance against my trained killer (er, I mean, sweet little angel cherub from the Lord).  Taryn and I quickly gather our things (after we step down from the patio chairs we are currently perched on top of) and head inside with Bentley.  Thats about the time opossum rolls over and crawls slowly under the grill, where he stayed the rest of the night. 

And yes, this is the point when I call my dad and ask all the appropriate questions...
1)  Is Bentley going to die from having this nasty thing in his mouth?
2)  Is this opossum going to run after me and kill me if I go outside to get the rest of our stuff (mostly "chicken" Bentley's absolute favorite toy.  He was worried the opossum was going to steal it)?
3)  Should I ever go out on my patio again?
4)  If they "play opossum" how will I ever know if he is dead?
5)  And of course, if he dies on my patio, will you make the hour and a half trip up here to dispose of his gross nasty lifeless rodent body?

I'm afraid that Bentley seriously injured him, but I really hope he is alive because Lord knows I do not want  his rodent carcas laying on my patio if he dies out there.  I just hope he finds his way out, the same way he got in.  Needless to say, I will be finding a way to block said hole in fence. 

On a lighter, but fatter, note....

Taryn also brought Cannoli, which is one of my MOST fav things in the world.  Delish.  But don't worry, we enjoyed those INSIDE, at the table, with a glass of vino.....Of course.


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