Monday, March 14, 2011

Case of the Muuundays....

Why is it that Mondays are just really not fun days??  I went to sleep last night kind of excited about this week.  Not really sure why.  Probably cuz I had such a lazy, kind of boring weekend, so I was just happy to have something to do!

I had a job interview this morning.  It all happened pretty fast really.  I applied online late the other night, got an e-mail the next morning asking me to come in for an interview.  I usually feel pretty confident with my interviewing skills.  I don't really get nervous, I'm not easily intimidated, and I can talk to a brick wall.  I've had quite a few interviews over the last year, and I usually leave feeling pretty confident.  Even when I don't get the job, I usually get positive feedback about the interview. 



I think I am at a point where I have gotten SO desperate to have a job that maybe I just buckled under the pressure.  Well, I definitely buckled.  I don't want to bore you all with the details, I'll just say it was bad.  What happened to me today??  I still don't get it.  The worst part is it is such an awesome job, and awesome opportunity.  Oh well.  Looks like I'll be spending a little more time in the world of the unemployed (well, semi unemployed).  I haven't heard anything yet, but I'm obviously not expecting to hear any good news.

Needless to say, my week is not off to a great start.  But I am determined to turn it around.  It can only go up from here, right?

Right now, I am watching the Bachelor.  I haven't really been watching this season, but I have watched the last few episodes.  I really like this guy.  I think he is pretty genuine.  And that was probably the sweetest final rose/proposal in Bachelor history.  But, I am easily fooled.  I fall for it every season.  Hey, maybe I should go on the Bachelor????  hahaha

I gotta get back to my reality TV escape from real life now....Lets all have a great week!  Sounds like a plan to me, after all I get to come home to this sweet angel baby face everyday.  Now that is something to smile about :)

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