Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday :)

This is my first time participating in "What I'm Loving Wednesday."  So, here goes nothin....

1)  Wednesday is my favorite TV night....Modern Family, Better Together (currently on a break) and CougarTown (also on a break) and my newest fav...Off the Map!  I think this show is amazing!  Who's with me??

2)  Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt....this just happens to be what I had for dinner tonight (thats a great idea for my diet).  Its a self serve frozen yogurt place with tons of different flavors, and a topping buffett with everything you could imagine.  Fruit, candy, candy bar pieces, oatmeal creme cookies, fruity pebbles and cinnamon toast crunch...literally everything you could imagine.  My fav combos so far are cheescake yogurt with strawberries and kiwi or peanut butter yogurt with bananas or butterfinger pieces.   Hello my name is "fat kid"

3)  After eating Orange Leaf for dinner I ate my weight in these little guys while watching my shows.  They are delish. 

4) These are my current obsession.  I want a pair so bad!  One of my fav friends, Heather,  owns Mod Boutique here in Lex and they sale them.   Hmmm....which color??  I'm thinking navy??  maybe green?? but the red would be so cute for a lil pop of color too. 

5)  Watched "Burlesque" this past weekend and looooooved it!  So good.  Def a chick flick.  And Cam Gigandet is totally gorgey in it....which brings me to my next point...

6)  While talking about celebrity crushes the other day at work, we came to the realization that I definitely have a type.  Boyish looks, small-ish frames, if you ran into one of these guys in real life and they weren't celebs you might think they were even a little dorky, maybe... Thats hard for me to even say cuz....DOUBT IT, but thats what the girls I work with said are my celeb crushes I'm loving right now...
but they kind of have similar looks....and apparently I have a thing for facial hair??  Who knew?  So, if any of you have any single guy friends that fit this 'look', hook a sister up!

7) I am also loving getting new followers and when ya'll comment on my post!!  Come on, don't leave a girl hanging.  Show me some love or tell me I'm cray cray...just talk to me!

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Meagan said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! It means so much to hear that encouragement during this difficult time. Thank you girl <3