Thursday, March 31, 2011

"No matter how much you apologize... can't go back and un-dry hump someone's boyfriend."

There really is no point to this title, other than I was just watching "Big Bang Theory" and that is my all time favoritest  (is that a word? pretty sure, no) quote from this show.  And that is saying a lot, cuz its a reallllllly funny show. 

If you can't already tell, this is gonna be a random post.

1.  The song I haven't been able to get out of my head today....

A friend brought it up this morning while we were talking and its been stuck with me all day. And because of the context of the texting convo (and the friend that brought it up), I have laughed about it all day. 

2.  I'm super excited because I have a friend coming in town this weekend and staying with me!  Its going to be a fun weekend, I think.  Taryn's birthday festivities, Final Four, visiting friends...I'm pumped.  Now, if I could just figure out what to wear.  Gotta have on my Kentucky Blue, I know that much!

3. Nothing exciting is going on in my life right now, but I'm completely okay with that.  Lately the only excitement has been of the not-so-fun variety, so I'm down with boring right now.  But, its been a long week.  I'm really not thrilled with my job right now (I know, what else is new? Right?),  and I have been in a mood at work this week.  Today, I honestly got irritated because I was listening to Pandora on my phone and somebody came up to ask me a question.  I had to take my headphones out and I missed hearing one of my favorite songs.  You can't go back on Pandora, and your fav songs don't come along very often.  Yes, I know you can pause, but I didn't really have time to dig my phone out of my sweatshirt pocket to do that.  Plus, I wasn't expecting the dumb question to take so long.  (Hear that tone?  Clearly not lying about my mood)

4.  Since I know you are curious now, the song was Miranda Lambert, "Only Prettier."  Which is just a funny song.  I often think of putting it as my FB status in some form, but people who don't know me (and my sense of humor) very well, may not think its very funny.  Or that I'm just a conceited beeyah...either way, prob not a good idea.

Yeah, I have been on a little country kick lately.

5.  Right now I am watching the Grey's musical episode.  Not completely sure how I feel about this whole idea.  Are we not thinking that this is just a little bit (er, a LOT bit) on the cheesy side.  That being said, I haven't watched Grey's in years but I made sure to tune in tonight to check it out. 

6.  Update on the anti-aging routine....I really can tell a difference in my skin, which has me totally motivated.  Now I want all kinds of serums and creams.  I also really want a Clarisonic, so many of my friends and fellow bloggy buddies have been talking about these lately.  But kids, these are pricey little gadgets.  I have heard Olay makes one that is supposed to be just as good.  Thoughts?

7. Today I am very thankful that there is still some wine left over from mine and Taryn's vino date last week.  I need a glass tonight!  I've gotten to a point where I can't live without my glass at night.  I am my mother's child, that's for sure.

8.  Let's check in with Bentley and see what my lil bachelor is up to.... lie, this is him at this very moment.  He is obviously overwhelmed with excitement.  Wow, apparently my dog and I both need a life. 

Since I know all of you are also on the edge of your seats with excitement over this post, I hate to leave you...  But....that is all I have for now.  Have a great night!

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