Friday, June 17, 2011

These are my confessions...

Cue the Usher song!!

Taking a hint from my BFF Taryn and doing a "Friday Confessions" post...Here goes nothin!

I confess....

....that I have only worked two days this week, but I am still so relieved that it is Friday

...that I spent the majority of this week laying on my butt on the beach drinking skinny girl ritas, and I am not one bit sorry about that

...that I may or may not be enjoying spending time with Mr. L more than I want to admit.    Big OOPS on that one!  Don't worry though, I'll get it together soon. 

...that I also may have enjoyed him singing to me the other night. But just a little bit.  In my defense it was "Cupid" by 112 and anyone that knows me knows how I feel about 112.  I didn't have a chance. 

...that Mr. L may or may not be 19 years old.  Bigger OOPS on that.  Again, I promise to get it together soon.

...that I made a promise to myself to stay single for a year (starting in December).   It has been a lot easier, and a lot more fun than I thought it would be  (no, Mr. L does not count!  Hey its my promise, I make the rules)

...that I taught my niece to sing "dance, too much booty in the pants" and shake her butt.  I also taught her to yell "Spring Break!" and lift her shirt up when she was 2.  I'm 'that' Aunt, and her Dad hates me for it.

...I work at a gym and haven't really worked out (not counting walking Bentley and a few runs here and there) in a loooooong time.

...that my sister and I had to teach my Mom the meaning behind "once you go black you never go back."  That was an awkward conversation.

...that I have gone through two bottles of wine by myself since Wednesday night.  Problem??  Maybe.

...that wine was my dinner last night.  Not sure if this helps my case or makes it worse.

...that I have not been a very good blogger lately, but I promise to do better!!

Now, what are your confessions??  Don't be shy!

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