Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

Ok, lets be honest...I should just call this "What I'm WANTING Wednesday"

First item on the list....

I blame PinkLouLou for this little obsession.  She just haaaasss to post so many pics of her and all her friends looking so fab with this little bag.... Just add this to the list of things that she raves about that I in turn determine I MUST have.  I have decided that I will take a cue from my bestie Miranda and purchase this little baby for my self when I finally get a 'big girl job.'  All the more reason to get said job pronto!

Next up is the Simply Shabby Chic bedding from Target.   So cute! 

Finally found the girly bedding that I have been looking for.  The problem is everything is so cute!  I don't think I could decide which color?!

After spending the weekend at Brooke's house in Savannah, I have become obsessed with anything monogrammed.  Thanks Brooke.  I now want everything in my house monogrammed....towels, bedding, wine glasses (did anyone else see Evelyn's monogrammed wine glasses on Basketball Wives?? Yes, I wath BW, lets get passed that), clothing....yeah, obsessed.

And since we (oh yeah, that was just me) brought it up....I'm also just a little (ok, maybe more like a lot) obsessed with the show Basketball Wives!

I have been wearing Issey Miyake perfume for a while but they recently came out with Issey Miyake Floral....I must have this.

Now for some things that I have recently tried, that I love...

I am obsessed with this body lotion.  It absorbs quickly and doesn't feel all sticky and slimy.  Plus it smells so good and the smell last all day!

I have this eyeliner in a million different colors.  I like to switch up my eyeliner color a lot.  It goes on so smooth and is really cheap.  A lot of times its buy one get one and I've even seen them on sale for $1 each.  No joke.

That is all for now....


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