Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I Love about Home...

1) I love that within seconds of walking into my parents house I have a mimosa in hand.  (Or a glass of vino, if its later in the day)

(excuse the Christmas wine glass, there are a BUNCH of people in my fam, champagne glasses are hard to come by)

2) I also love the random Sunday afternoon outings.  This Sunday, it was to the flea market.  For serious.  This really happened.  I'm not sure where to start on all the trashy, redneck fun you come across at the Corbin Flea Market.  There was the random stand that sold the Victoria's Secret lotion and body spray that were at least 10 years old.  You could probably have gotten drunk off of that body spray.  There were knife stands, a bible verse purse stand (for realz), the pet stands, which sell everything from kittens and puppies to snakes and sugar gliders.  (These made me really sad.  The puppies look like puppy mill babies.  Goopy eyes, dirty cages, sad.  I fell in love with a little yorkie baby that I'm pretty sure needed me.  I'm still worried about who she went home with that day.)  We also came across these...

Your guess is as good as mine???  Must be of some sort of use to smokers, but I just don't get it.

After the flea market we went to the Dollar Store.  This was another trailer trash fun-filled event, as always.  However, you can find some good bargains there.  I came across these little gems, which of course came home with me!  Poofing combs!  And only a dollar!

3) I also love that at any given moment you can look outside and see this.

 haha.  My Dad and brother-n-law riding around our property. 

4)  I love the walk I took with my Mom and Dad down the driveway looking at the stars.  Our driveway is really long, and I forgot how dark it gets in the country.  So dark that it takes your eyes a while to adjust and you can't even see your feet in front of you.  But because it is so dark, you can see so many stars in the sky.  It was so pretty looking up at them through the trees and seeing all the fireflies that made the trees look like they had glitter in them.  A nice calm moment with just my Mom and Dad.  (These moments are few and far between these days.  With five grandkids and a constantly growing family, moments of calm and quiet are a rarity.

5) Most of all, I loved Olivia's birthday party.  She is so stinkin cute.  I can't believe she is getting so big.  She is my "tiny one" and now she is four!  She was so excited when she woke up from her nap and saw the party we had set up for her and all the kids. 

She is so genuinely excited and grateful when she opens all of her presents.  She also (with no prompting) threw her arms around my mom and said "Thank you for my strawberry cake!  You are the best Ahh-ya ever!"  (Ahh-ya = how she says YaYa)

 And I love that my sister got to be with us for the whole party even though she was flying and was actually in a hotel room in Boston.  Thank God for Skype!

And I love that when we get home from YaYa and Pappyjack's Bentley is so worn out he sleeps the entire next day...

In other weekend news....This happened

I promise I am not a basketball groupie, or jersey chaser or any of those things. (I prefer to meet my ballers outside of bars and let them grab me inappropriately.  I kidz! I kidz!)  Long story how I ended up here Saturday, but I did.  Don't judge me.


Taryn said...

Excuse me....I would like to hear this story! And hello, it is clear that you are not a bball groupie...actually, bball players are Whitney groupies...fo realz.

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