Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Drinko & What I'm playing Thursday

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody!  Go out and drink a rita (or two, or three, or four)!!

Just a couple random thoughts today....

1)  I had a really fun, surprising night last night.  People can suprise you, if you give them the chance to.   Its like that quote from  To Kill A Mockingbird - "Most people are nice once you get to know them." (or something like that, haha) And sometimes you just have to stop over thinking things and just have fun.    You have to put aside all the logical reasons (occupation, age (lol), etc.) that are telling you not to do something and just say "F it" and do it any way.  Hahaha. Thats what I decided last night, and it turned out well.

2) I really go thru phases with my music.  It mostly depends on my mood.  I was on a big country kick for a few months.  Mostly because I was feeling kinda down and sorry for myself. Country is great for those times.  Lately I've been on a big hip hop kick.  I've always been a hip hop girl, but lately I've been in a great mood, and just trying to enjoy all the craziness and ups and downs of life.  Spring is here (well its supposed to be. that is hit or miss here in ky.) and nothing is better than driving around in pretty weather with the sunroof open, windows down, jammin to some good tunes.  Which brings me to....

I have always loved Fab but I'm loving this song lately....and after last night it will make me smile just a little more everytime I hear it from now on ;)

Thats all for now...Lets go have some drinks, shall we??

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