Monday, February 28, 2011

Day by day...

A string of events brought me to this point, sitting in front of my computer, typing my first blog post.  A few days ago, while perusing facebook, I noticed a link on a friends wall about a certain type of dance/workout class I have been very intrigued by lately.  The link lead me to a blog.  Long story short, an hour later I was completely immersed in this blog.  All I could think about was how fun it was to read, how I strangely felt like I knew this girl that I'm pretty sure I have never met, how therapeutic it must be to have this as an outlet, and (most importantly) how I couldn't wait to start my own! 

So, here I am.  I am, by no means, creative when it comes to web design.  So I apologize for my lame page.  I hope to have that fixed as soon as I make more bloggy friends that can help me in that department.  My guess is that if my blog posts are a true depiction of my personality, they will be all over the place and I apologize ahead of time for that.  This past year has been a roller coaster for me emotionally and I suspect that will be fairly evident from early on. 

I am excited to start this new chapter in my life.  (Is that cheesy? That I consider starting a blog a new life chapter?  Oh well, I do.)  Right now, my ambitions are pretty simple.  I hope I have friends that want to read this and I hope I can be entertaining enough that I don't let those friends down.  My first goal is to get my page a little more visually appealing.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  My second goal is to get some followers (pretty crucial).  So, thats all for now.  I'll check back soon :)

YBS*:   Song of the day (/weekend/month/year...)  Kellie Pickler "Best Days of Your Life"
Best line: "But I've been told that a cheater is always a cheater, so I've got my pride and she's got you."
(*YBS is an inside joke thing you will just have to get used to.  To eliminate confusion just go ahead and equate "YBS" with "P.S." in your head, it means the same thing... pretty much.)

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