Monday, February 28, 2011

Day Two...and I have two followers.
Whoop Whoop!

First and foremost, congrats are in order for my bestie Miranda, who is now an engaged lady!  That definitely deserves another Whoop Whoop!  Couldn't be happier for her, even if it means I may not get my pink kitchen any more.  Aww man...haha.  (So Miranda, the answer is "yes" I am going to blog about you!)  I think this means a weekend celebration is definitely in order.  Taryn, I believe it is time for "Tour de Franzia!"

Here is Taryn, Me, and Miranda:

Its the best time of the year....Easter candy time! 
Most importantly, Starburst jelly bean time.  Oh how I love Starburst jelly beans!  They make me really happy.  And I usually do a pretty good job of eating enough of them through the Easter season that I don't want them again for another year. 

In other news, today is game day, so I sported my Rondo Celtics T-Shirt, of course! 

Not much else going on tonight.  Its Monday and the highlight of my night was 90210.  BTW....last week,  I got a huge surprise in the middle of my 90210 viewing.  The guys were trying to show Teddy how supportive they were of him 'coming out' so they took him to a gay bar.  Liam freaks out when a guy comes up to him and asks him to dance.  Well I'll be darned if that guy wasn't Bram Hoover  who I just so happened to have gone to high school with and now was on my favorite Monday night TV show!!  Pretty cool right??  I thought so.

My goals for this week are
1) Job hunting (what else is new??)  I got some revisions done on my resume and it is looking pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself.  Its not pink and scented or anything, but I think its good.  Now I just need some people to see it....hmmm.

2) Getting my taxes done.  I hate doing my taxes.  I always put it off until the last minute then it ends up being super easy and I wonder why I waited so long. 

Thats all I have for now....time for bed for this girl!
and this little guy...

**Disclaimer:  This was obviously yesterdays post but somehow I managed to fudge up the pictures so they weren't coming through.  I apologize, I'm learning as I go here.  I won't let it happen again!  :)

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you Whitney. Silence is golden, it really is. Remember to be quick to listen and slow to speak. I love you, Mom.