Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Falling for Fall...

I am actually really getting into the Fall spirit lately.  I am not usually a huge fan of fall...or any season where the temp drops below 70...but I'm getting really excited about Fall-ish things lately!  Some fall things I am loving...

Keeneland! I have been to Keeneland the last two weekends.  The first weekend with family, and last weekend with my bestest friends.  Fall meet is my favorite.  Something about the changing leaves and the sweaters and boots just seem to fit the Keeneland feel to me.
(Me and the sister)

Football.  Duh.  Kentucky, Oregon, and of course the Packers. I have always been a huge Packers fan, and this year we have a UK alum on the team as well (Shout out to #18, Randall Cobb) and of course I gotta love my Cats, for obvious reasons.  This weekend is the 'blackout" game they always do Halloween weekend.  Everyone is supposed to come wearing your black UK gear.  Today they debuted their black uniforms for the game.

                   (Not the best pic but its all I could find, you get the idea anyway.  They are sweet)

Warm Vanilla Sugar!  I bust this out every year for the fall/winter.  Its one of my favorites and never gets old.  The smell just makes me feel warm and cozy.

My fireplace!  There is nothing better than curling up in front of the fireplace, being lazy, watching a move (like, maybe Christmas Vacation, tis the season....close enough anyway) I want all of these rooms...

Fall Fashion!  Even though I prefer warmer weather, I love fall clothes.  Hoodies, sweaters, boots, etc.  I think a hoodie may be my favorite article of clothing.  Sad but true.
 (I want this Ducks hoodie)

The smells!  Pumpkin spice candles, coffee, tea, pie....I love it all.  All the fall scents make me happy ;)  My absolute favorite is Hot Maple Toddy from Candleberry.  If you have never had a Candleberry candle, go get one....Now.  Run, do not walk.  If you don't live in Kentucky you can find them here. You are welcome.

Baking!  I really want to make these...

      (How cute are these?  Maybe a fun activity for me and my nieces and nephews.  I will make that happen.)

And some other Fall things I want to make sure to do....
 And if all of that didn't get you in the fall spirit, here is some more inspiration...

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Caroline said...

Oh my goodness- we go through Hot Maple Toddy candles at an exponential rate. Love them! Did you know you can get them at Spa Nails on Nicholasville Road for cheap? Best thing ever.