Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Sometimes you just need to put yourself in time out.  Just sit back and take a minute to realize all of the good things you have going on around you. I had a great, relaxing, fun weekend.  No wild nights out on the town to report, but still lots of good times.

Here is my weekend recap...


Well, it was Friday so the first part of my day was spent cleaning.  Duh, it was Friday Cleaning Day.  All of my friends (and coworkers, and every one else I know...)  know that Friday is the day I clean my house.  Yep, its an exciting life I lead.  My house is all hard wood floors, and they are not easy to keep clean.  Especially when you factor in Bentley and all my hair.  I lose a ridiculous amount of hair on a daily basis.  This would bother me if my hair were thinning at all, but I swear it is only getting thicker.  WTF?  So floors get vacuumed, then swiffered, then mopped....every Friday.  Along with all the other normal stuff....dusting, dishes, bathrooms, kitchen.... Truly exciting stuff here people.

Then I went to dinner and a movie with Miranda and Brian.  We saw Horrible Bosses and it was hilarious.  However, I don't think I am a fan of Movie Tavern.  I get distracted too easily and all the lights coming on and off, servers walking in front of you and people ADD doesn't do well in that environment.  But still a funny movie none the less.


Spent a little time hanging out with Mr. L ....yeah, I know, I'm supposed to be done with that.  Oops.  We decided that I need to get some balance bands, to help with my falling problem.  (I fall a lot.  Like way more than normal people.  Like on average...once a day.  For realz.  Flip flops are my nemesis...and add alcohol or heels and I don't stand a chance.)  To prove how well they work, he made me do the balance band test.  This is where you stand on one foot with your arms out to your side and the other person pushes you lightly to make you lose your balance.  You do this without the bands on, then try it again with the bands.  You are supposed to have better balance with the bands on, obviously.  Not so much in my case.  But Mr. L swears they really work and they will help my falling issue.  Yeah, okay.

Then I headed to Georgetown to get my tiny one.  She loves her Aunt WhitneyBit.  She always wants to come to my house, so I decided it was time we had a special day.  Just the two of us.  We went shopping and got her a UK t-shirt.  Then we came to my house and played in make-up and did our hair.  And then we went on a special dinner date.  She got to pick the place and her requirements were that they had macaroni and cheese and that it was a type of restaurant where we got waited on.  Haha.  My little princess.  You would be suprised how hard it is to find a place with macaroni and cheese.  Just a heads up, Mi Mexico, Cheddar's and Johnny Carrino's do not have mac n cheese.   Yes, we did go to all three of those places and yes we did get out of the car, check the menu and get back in the car at all of those places.  She really had her heart set on mac n cheese.  So we ended up at Logan's.  Classy.

(Clearly I was a little biased about which UK shirt we got ;))

(at Logan's, eating her roll with her fork...diva)

(after we did hair and make-up... we were "hair twins")

Next time it will be Sam's turn, then Bella's.  They are very excited trying to decide what they want to do on their special WhitneyBit date.  I love my babies :)

Sunday, I did a whole bunch of nothing.  And it was lovely.  I also watched Sawyer (the world's largest yellow lab) for Taryn this weekend.  He is the sweetest boy.  He is seriously the biggest lab I have ever seen.  I have a lab that lives with my mom and dad and she weighs 50lbs.....Sawyer weighs 110!

(meet Sawyer, you can't tell how big he is in this picture, but trust me, he's huge)

So, that was my weekend.  Happy Monday followers!!  Have a great week.


Taryn said...

I swear...Olivia and Sammy look like twins (except for the age difference). What a sweet aunt you are to those kiddos and my monster dog! Thanks, and can't wait to celebrate this weekend with you!!!!!

JMay said...

Oh my gosh, she is so cute!