Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sometimes he's bad, but he's still "straight from Jesus"

My little angel-cherub-from-the-Lord has quite the personality, as most of you know.  He is usually a really good dog, but he has his moments.  He has been exceptionally rowdy this week, so I thought it was time to share some Bentley stories.  I thought maybe his recent behavior was his way of acting out for more attention, so he's gonna get some attention of the blogging kind.

He has these episodes where he decides to do any bad dog thing he can think of for a few days, just to keep me on my toes, I guess.  Then he goes right back to being the angel we all know and love.  Like the one day I came home to a dismembered chicken carcass in my living room floor....  See, he can be a little bit of a dumpster diver at times and this time he had pulled out the left over skeleton of one of those rotisserie chickens from the deli.  See, my little booger boy just happens to be very allergic to chicken, so this was like forbidden fruit to him.  He had quickly gone to work dismembering the body and hiding random chicken body parts all over....couch cushions, his bed, etc...  I found chicken bones around my house for days after this.  I would look over to see him with his head buried into the couch, and lift the cushion to find him chewing on a chicken bone he had hidden in there.  I know, this is disgusting.  I have since made sure all chicken parts have been found and thoroughly cleaned my couch.

(This is the look I get from the top of the stairs everyday when I leave for work...)

The other night we were playing fetch in the house.  In my house this means we throw the ball from the living room down the hall way to the front door, he runs after it, catches it and brings it back.  Perhaps the funnest (yes, I know that is not a word) part of this is the fact that I have hard wood floors, so it becomes like a slip-n-slide and a game of fetch all rolled into one.  Well, I guess he was running a little too fast, slid a little too aggressively and banged himself into the front door.  I didn't see exactly what happened, but I definitely heard it.  He walked back shaking his head and wiping his eye with his paw.  I thought he may have been concussed, but he must have hurt his eye, because he is still walking around with that one eye squinted.  This squinting gets a little more pronounced when I happen to notice it and give hime attention for it.

And then last night I came home to this... Another dumpster diving episode.

*You will notice that he keeps milking the squinty eye and please ignore the couch cushions and blankets everywhere, he also does that while I'm at work...

*All the little paper plates were from my birthday cake.  Most of them still had cake on them that the kids didn't finish.  So apparently Bentley was after birthday cake in this dumpster diving adventure.  Hey, can you blame him?

*FYI - Yaya and PappyJack are my Mom and Dad, who Bentley loves.  If I tell him they are coming he will go sit in front of my door for hours waiting on them to walk in.  Seriously. 

*Disclaimer - I'm not sure what about this video is more upsetting... Bentley getting in to the trash, or the fact that I have two empty cheetos bags in that trash.  My Cheetos obsession is way out of control!

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Sole Matters said...

thats so funny. poor little B! i once brought home wedding cake from my BFF's wedding. I fixed myself a slice and went to the bathroom real quick. When I came back B was eating it!! lil shit. Cant blame him though, it was GOOD cake!! Just yesterday I found a silicone cupcake wrapper on my floor. He had managed to pick it up from my coffee table to eat the crumbs. I asked him about it and he started rubbing his eyes like, no mama, i didnt do it! LOL