Friday, December 30, 2011

Make-up and a Make Over...

Once again, I have been a bad little blogger.  I would like to say that it is because I didn't have anything to write about but that is just simply not true.  Most of the time I find myself in situations thinking "I wish I could blog about this!"  But, I don't in order to not incriminate myself or those around me.  My partner in crime and I have decided that we need to start an anonymous blog to document all of our wild shenanigans.  I wish I could say that I will let you know when this happens, but obviously that would defeat the purpose of the anonymity.

What I've been up to:

Well, Christmas, family and all that, of course.   I had a great Christmas with the fam and I hope everyone else did too.  Sadly I don't have many pics. 

Now on to the make-up...

Here is a pic of my neice on Christmas opening her present from me.  I got her a caboodle.  Yes, a caboodle.  Remember those days?  Circa 1990.  Well, they still exist.  She loves make-up and yipp gyoss (as she calls it)  so I knew she would love this.  I filled it with lip glosses and scented nail polish and other goodies.  And she loved it!  Carried it around with her all night.  She is my little mini-me :)

I also have come across a bunch of new make-up finds lately that I thought I would share with y'all.  I love these new finds and I know you will too!!

#1.  Loreal Double Extend mascara. 

Also called "beauty tubes" and you will quickly see why!  This mascara has a primer that you use first, then the mascara.  I did it step by step for my mom and she said it looked like I had fake lashes on.  This stuff is serious.  It literally wraps your real lashes with some amazing substance that makes them longer, thicker and curlier.  Its kinda weird when you wash it off, just a heads up.  But it comes off very cleanly and doesn't leave racoon eyes.

Here is my after pick.  Extreme close up, kinda scary. 

But Lashes....Boom!

#2  My sister got this gift set for me (funny story, I actually got her the same gift set.  We got each other a lot of the same things this year, kinda scary). 

I love everything in this set!  Which is awesome, but also means that I will have to buy the big versions when I run out.  The "Stay Don't Stray" eye primer is the bomb.  It keeps your eye makeup looking like you just did it all day.  And is also a great concealer for under your eyes. 

"The Pore Professional" pore primer is great too!  I just use it through my t-zone and it is great at hiding your pores and smoothing out your skin before foundation.  And the "that gal" primer/illuminator is really fun.  And its not quite as glittery as some others I have tried.

#3  My sister also got me this fun OPI holiday gift set.

I love all of the colors and keep the tiny top coat in my purse.  Yes, I am that girl who has to have a miniature version of everything I use with me at all times.  Seriously, lotion, my mascara, hairspray, perfume, nail polish, eyeliner, eyelash curler, etc.  (Along with all my other lip glosses and compacts and all the usual stuff).  Always gotta be prepared.

One of my favorite current colors is Malaga Wine.  I used that then did a coat of the red sparkly "Speak for your Elf" color from this set.  It is a great, fun, sparkly red color.  Perfect for New Year's Eve festivities.

Malaga Wine

This is both together but it looks darker in this picture, and you can't really see the sparkles but you get the point.

On to make-overs....

Not the kind I'm sure you were expecting.  I need a desk mak-over, bad.  Even my coworkers are starting to ask when I'm gonna liven up my area.  They may be sorry after I add my Whitney touches with all my pictures, pink, and sports memorabilia.  But, I need ideas!  Help a sister out.  I have tons of space, and tons of shelves.  And if anyone would like to make me anything or donate some cuteness, I would greatly appreciate it.  I like pink, and paisley and Flors de Lis, and all that girly stuff.  I also really love sports and make-up.  Just to give you a starting off point.  Please let me know any cute ideas you have!!
Here is what we are working with:

Thats all for now!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I'm excited about my New Year's plans!  I will do a post next week to let you know how all of that goes! (Promise.)


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