Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!!

Well, it is Thanksgiving day and I am partaking in the typical joys of the Holiday....Bloody Marys and Football.  I'm two bloody marys in and switching to Prosecco, which will then transition into Chardonnay, then pumpkin cheesecake....Its just what we do.

In my parents house today, we have.....My Dad, My Mom, my brother and his wife Kaci, and my two nephews, my sister and her husband Mike and my two nieces and nephew, myself, and (try to keep up) my brother -n-law's Mom and sister.  In case you lost count that is 14 people.  These 14 people bring a total of 5 dogs in addition to the 2 my parents have.  Yep, that is 14 people and 7 dogs, and 1 cat.  Now you understand the alcohol??

Pretty much every Holiday at the Smith house looks a little like this...

and this....

There is a really good reason this is my family's favorite movie.

Right now all the boys are out on the horses somewhere, dogs are asleep and girls are cooking....Gotta love the Holidays!

What are your favorite dishes, traditions, etc??  Are your Holidays this crazy??

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Enjoy your tryptophan coma!


Healthy Branscoms said...

Love your blog design! :) I became a follower of your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

HA, same here as above.

I just LOVE your blog design. It's so pretty! I'm going to use yours as inspiration when I get mine re-designed :)

Chell said...

Cute blog. I love cooking for the holidays.... and getting stuffed!(but not in teh same way as your cartoon up there hehehe)