Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In lust with LUSH!

Okay ladies (and gents, they have men's products too)...

Have y'all heard of Lush?

Its this really cool, handmade, natural cosmetics place.  For you Lexington ladies, we now have it in our cosmetics department at Fayette Mall.

A friend introduced me to it a couple of weeks ago and I am now OB-SESSED!

Here are the things I have tried so far:

Bath Bombs...

These are balls that you drop in your tub while your bath water is filling up.  They have all different kinds for different things...calming, moisturizing, shimmer, etc...They smell SO good.  It makes your water all foamy and bubbly and turns it fun colors....that was my favorite part.  I seriously loved this thing.  I took a bath at night and still smelled good the whole next day!  Seriously.  I'm a fan.
Dark Angels Exfoliating scrub...
It is made from charcoal, if you can't tell by looking at it.  It looks scary but its awesome.

Hint* - They will measure out any amount you want.  Think of it as a cosmetics deli.  haha.  I got $4 worth and I've used it for two weeks and it doesn't even look like I put a dent in it.  You are better off doing this because the products expire (because they are so natural) and you could never possibly use the amount they give you before it expires.
 It just takes a tiny amount, about pea sized and you mix it with a little water in the palm of your hand then spread it on and massage it in to really exfoliate.  I left it on until it dried to really give the charcoal time to do its stuff.

This stuff is intense.  But I love it!  The rep told me it was for really deep cleaning.  I was looking for something to get all those gross T-zone pores.  This is it.  They say that it is their "harshest" face scrub (again, they have different kinds depending on what you need) so I started out just using it every other day.  But I loved the way it made my skin feel so much that I now use it pretty much every day.  I have pretty sensitive skin and I have had no negative results from it.  I did break out a little bit the first couple days, but that was just because it was doing such a great job of getting deep in those pores and getting all the funk out.  My skin feels so smooth and clean after I use it.  Again...I'm a fan.

Some things I can't wait to try:

Well, pretty much everything.  But specifically the shampoos.  The shampoos are bars.  To use them, you wet your hair and rub the bar around your scalp and then work it into a later and rinse just like regular shampoo.
They have little tins to keep the shampoo bars in, and they supposedly last For-EVER!
They even have henna shampoos for dark hair, that have a natural color/shine boost in them.  How cool is that?!  They have special ones for blonde hair too.  They also have bars that have really subtle gold glitter in them to make your hair really shiny.  I can't wait to try all of them!

Here is what the website says about the henna bars:


"Revive your sad scalp and bring your dull, dreary hair to life with Reincarnate solid shampoo. Red henna gives dark hair a brilliant shine, Rhassoul mud from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains soothes sorry scalps, while seder powder conditions and adds a resplendent gloss to your mane. All these exotic ingredients perfume Reincarnate like the scent of incense wafting from a far Eastern temple through a surrounding spice market. Do yourself a favour and pick up a piece."

There you have it ladies.  Now run to the mall or get on their website and try it for yourself.  
You. Are. Welcome.


Taryn said...

Sold! Ive been wondering about this stuff and now Im definitely going to check it out. Btw, so glad youre back to blogging!

Danielle said...

Hi, Whitney! Reincarnate is seriously awesome. I work at a Lush in North Carolina & can attest to just how long all the shampoo bars last: ages. I switch between Reincarnate and my liquid shampoo, and it makes my hair quite shiny.

Next time you're in the store, you should ask a sales associate to recommend a delicious bath cocktail to try! There are so many yummy combinations of bombs + bubbles + melts. Glad you've become a Lushie :)