Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sometimes he's bad, but he's still "straight from Jesus"

My little angel-cherub-from-the-Lord has quite the personality, as most of you know.  He is usually a really good dog, but he has his moments.  He has been exceptionally rowdy this week, so I thought it was time to share some Bentley stories.  I thought maybe his recent behavior was his way of acting out for more attention, so he's gonna get some attention of the blogging kind.

He has these episodes where he decides to do any bad dog thing he can think of for a few days, just to keep me on my toes, I guess.  Then he goes right back to being the angel we all know and love.  Like the one day I came home to a dismembered chicken carcass in my living room floor....  See, he can be a little bit of a dumpster diver at times and this time he had pulled out the left over skeleton of one of those rotisserie chickens from the deli.  See, my little booger boy just happens to be very allergic to chicken, so this was like forbidden fruit to him.  He had quickly gone to work dismembering the body and hiding random chicken body parts all over....couch cushions, his bed, etc...  I found chicken bones around my house for days after this.  I would look over to see him with his head buried into the couch, and lift the cushion to find him chewing on a chicken bone he had hidden in there.  I know, this is disgusting.  I have since made sure all chicken parts have been found and thoroughly cleaned my couch.

(This is the look I get from the top of the stairs everyday when I leave for work...)

The other night we were playing fetch in the house.  In my house this means we throw the ball from the living room down the hall way to the front door, he runs after it, catches it and brings it back.  Perhaps the funnest (yes, I know that is not a word) part of this is the fact that I have hard wood floors, so it becomes like a slip-n-slide and a game of fetch all rolled into one.  Well, I guess he was running a little too fast, slid a little too aggressively and banged himself into the front door.  I didn't see exactly what happened, but I definitely heard it.  He walked back shaking his head and wiping his eye with his paw.  I thought he may have been concussed, but he must have hurt his eye, because he is still walking around with that one eye squinted.  This squinting gets a little more pronounced when I happen to notice it and give hime attention for it.

And then last night I came home to this... Another dumpster diving episode.

*You will notice that he keeps milking the squinty eye and please ignore the couch cushions and blankets everywhere, he also does that while I'm at work...

*All the little paper plates were from my birthday cake.  Most of them still had cake on them that the kids didn't finish.  So apparently Bentley was after birthday cake in this dumpster diving adventure.  Hey, can you blame him?

*FYI - Yaya and PappyJack are my Mom and Dad, who Bentley loves.  If I tell him they are coming he will go sit in front of my door for hours waiting on them to walk in.  Seriously. 

*Disclaimer - I'm not sure what about this video is more upsetting... Bentley getting in to the trash, or the fact that I have two empty cheetos bags in that trash.  My Cheetos obsession is way out of control!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wait...How old am I?

If you know me and my shenanigans lately, you probably think that is why I am asking myself this question, but its not....

The sad truth is my birthday is this weekend and I am having a really hard time coming to terms with the fact that I am about to start the very last year of my twenties.  That's right folks, this little lady is about to turn twenty-nine years old!  I really have to keep reminding myself, because I really do not feel like this could be possible.  What happened to my twenties???  

I have a tendency to experience a little bit of the birthday dread.  But this one is really getting to me.  After 21, all a birthday is good for is reminding you that you have not accomplished any of the things you promised yourself in your teenage years.  Remember how old 25 seemed when you were 16?  I honestly thought I would have my entire life decided and settled by then.  Now I look back at 25 and think 'geez, I was just a baby.'

I believe this twenty-nine ( I keep typing it out instead of using numbers cuz the numbers just look so harsh and so much uglier) year old birthday has brought out a little rebellious side in me.  Hence the aforementioned shenanigans.  I won't go in to detail, but today my older sister threatened me with "I'm gonna tell Dad" and I was legit scared.  Clearly I have some issues.  Now let's not get carried away, I'm not renting rooms by the hour or drinking myself in to oblivion or anything like that!   Let's just say I may be deviating from my 'life plan' just a tad.  And by deviating I mean, moving in reverse.   The scariest part is that I am kind of okay with it.  I am torn between this desperate need to hurry up and catch up to where I think I should be and completely digressing back to my early college days.  Oh well, at this point all we can do is hope it is just a short lived phase, right?  I'm sure it will be.  Yep, I'm sure.

In honor of my twenties coming to an end....

How about a little photo montage dedicated to this decade in my life??

 This could get scary...

You have been warned...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Sometimes you just need to put yourself in time out.  Just sit back and take a minute to realize all of the good things you have going on around you. I had a great, relaxing, fun weekend.  No wild nights out on the town to report, but still lots of good times.

Here is my weekend recap...


Well, it was Friday so the first part of my day was spent cleaning.  Duh, it was Friday Cleaning Day.  All of my friends (and coworkers, and every one else I know...)  know that Friday is the day I clean my house.  Yep, its an exciting life I lead.  My house is all hard wood floors, and they are not easy to keep clean.  Especially when you factor in Bentley and all my hair.  I lose a ridiculous amount of hair on a daily basis.  This would bother me if my hair were thinning at all, but I swear it is only getting thicker.  WTF?  So floors get vacuumed, then swiffered, then mopped....every Friday.  Along with all the other normal stuff....dusting, dishes, bathrooms, kitchen.... Truly exciting stuff here people.

Then I went to dinner and a movie with Miranda and Brian.  We saw Horrible Bosses and it was hilarious.  However, I don't think I am a fan of Movie Tavern.  I get distracted too easily and all the lights coming on and off, servers walking in front of you and people ADD doesn't do well in that environment.  But still a funny movie none the less.


Spent a little time hanging out with Mr. L ....yeah, I know, I'm supposed to be done with that.  Oops.  We decided that I need to get some balance bands, to help with my falling problem.  (I fall a lot.  Like way more than normal people.  Like on average...once a day.  For realz.  Flip flops are my nemesis...and add alcohol or heels and I don't stand a chance.)  To prove how well they work, he made me do the balance band test.  This is where you stand on one foot with your arms out to your side and the other person pushes you lightly to make you lose your balance.  You do this without the bands on, then try it again with the bands.  You are supposed to have better balance with the bands on, obviously.  Not so much in my case.  But Mr. L swears they really work and they will help my falling issue.  Yeah, okay.

Then I headed to Georgetown to get my tiny one.  She loves her Aunt WhitneyBit.  She always wants to come to my house, so I decided it was time we had a special day.  Just the two of us.  We went shopping and got her a UK t-shirt.  Then we came to my house and played in make-up and did our hair.  And then we went on a special dinner date.  She got to pick the place and her requirements were that they had macaroni and cheese and that it was a type of restaurant where we got waited on.  Haha.  My little princess.  You would be suprised how hard it is to find a place with macaroni and cheese.  Just a heads up, Mi Mexico, Cheddar's and Johnny Carrino's do not have mac n cheese.   Yes, we did go to all three of those places and yes we did get out of the car, check the menu and get back in the car at all of those places.  She really had her heart set on mac n cheese.  So we ended up at Logan's.  Classy.

(Clearly I was a little biased about which UK shirt we got ;))

(at Logan's, eating her roll with her fork...diva)

(after we did hair and make-up... we were "hair twins")

Next time it will be Sam's turn, then Bella's.  They are very excited trying to decide what they want to do on their special WhitneyBit date.  I love my babies :)

Sunday, I did a whole bunch of nothing.  And it was lovely.  I also watched Sawyer (the world's largest yellow lab) for Taryn this weekend.  He is the sweetest boy.  He is seriously the biggest lab I have ever seen.  I have a lab that lives with my mom and dad and she weighs 50lbs.....Sawyer weighs 110!

(meet Sawyer, you can't tell how big he is in this picture, but trust me, he's huge)

So, that was my weekend.  Happy Monday followers!!  Have a great week.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Please pause for a moment of reflection...

There were a lot of factors in my life that lead me into the blogging world.  2010 was a very eventful (to say the least) year for me and I was determined to make 2011 just as eventful.  haha.  With a few notable differences....  I could do without ending a 4 year relationship, being (pretty much) unemployed, and broke.  So maybe I should clear that up.....I was determined to make 2011 the year of positive life changing events!  Looking back at all that went down in 2010, I regret that I didn't have this outlet as therapy. I made a promise to myself that this year would be diffferent.  And no matter how miniscule, hilarious, or embarrassing the events of the year may be, they would be documented.  And put out in the universe for everyone to see.

I struggled a lot with the decision to start this blog.  I didn't know if I could be as open as I wanted to be, if I would get made fun of, or if people would even care to read what I had to say.  After a lot of self reflection, I decided I just didn't care.  And for this whole blog writing thing to accomplish what I wanted it to accomplish, I couldn't care.  And here I am today....almost six months into this adventure.

Over the last few months I've written about many things....make-up, wish lists, music I like....But most importantly, I have let my guard down several times and let you all into the parts of my life that really make me, me.  Work drama, family events and there was definitely embarrassment -- crying in Ulta because I didn't have $8 to buy nail polish, promiscuous nights on the street corner with ballers, etc.  And I don't regret a minute of it.

In the last month or so, I had lost sight of all the reasons that got me here, and my posts suffered because of it.  So I'm writing today to make a promise to you all, but mostly myself, to stay focused on why I loved this so much at the beginning, and continue to write, for all of those reasons.

As I am reflecting over my short lived blog journey, I felt it was important to give credit to the blogs that I credit with getting me here, and keeping me here.  These are the gals that get me to log in everyday.  They make me laugh, sometimes even cry, they've taught me about make-up and home decor.....but most importantly, they've helped me to realize I'm not alone in all of this, and I'm not the only one with embarrassing stories about 19 year old boys ;)

So here they are, in no particular order...

Shades of Gray

There She is

And these ladies...
(I couldn't find your buttons, if you have one, I'm sorry)

Sole Matters



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How 'bout a lil hump day treat...

I know, two days in a row!  You are not seeing things, I have actually posted two days in a row.

Here's why I have the time to do this...

So, you all know how much I love my job and desperately need a new one...
See, I only work part time, and with my tiny little furbaby mouth to feed, that simply does not cut the mustard finacially.  For a while there, we were super busy at the gym and I was getting lots of extra hours, pretty much full time hours.  Well, that has recently changed, again.  But not because we are not busy, but because one of our members (who is a teacher and off during the summer) was bored and wanted something to do.  Well, wouldn't you know it, they took the extra hours they had given me and passed them on over to her.  Nice of them, huh?  I have worked here over two years.  When I started, we were under different management and I was hired as a full time employee, with much more grown up (degree appropriate) job duties.  New management came, along with budget cuts and hour cuts for this girl.  So it is common knowledge around here that I want and need more hours and I jump on them any time they are available. 

So needless to say, this little passing on of the extra hours to someone with a full time, salary career, who is just bored has more than pissed me off.  To put the icing on the cake, she gets the daytime hours that I have always wanted and asked for (I work late afternoon-evening) and most days when I come in to work, she has already done most of the tasks that are my responsibility.  Me = not a happy camper. 

Problem = when I am mad or irritated, the world knows it.  I don't hide my moods very well, and I have this great little trait where my mind thinks up smartass remarks really quickly and my mouth speaks them even faster.  So, usually to protect the innocent, not so innocent, and most importantly my job, I remain silent and ignore everyone. 

Well, that was the really long explaination to why I am writing two post in two days.  This is day two of coming to work and finding that I have pretty much nothing to do, because it has already been done.  I'm sure as hell not going home, because I don't get paid if I'm not here, so I will just take this opportunity to do my own thing and get some stuff done (i.e. blog post).  Bright side! :)

So let me catch you up on my life recently....

update on Mr. L....
So Miranda sat me down a little over a week ago and had a big 'come to Jesus' with me and told me I was forbidden to talk to him anymore!  Okay, okay, that may be just a little bit of an exaggeration.  But she did really help me put a lot in to perspective.  This little "friendship" would only end badly and most likely badly for me.   See, he's fun to hang out with now but here in a couple months he will be very busy with, uhhh, let's just call it his "extracurricular activities of the university sponsored nature"....And remember, he is only 19 and I am of the age where I need to be thinking a little more seriously about my future (Boo!  Where is the fun in that??).   So anyway, I did as I was told and I am gradually wheening myself off that "friendship."  I would like to keep in contact with him enough to maintain a friendship tho (and I think my friends and family would probably prefer I did too, in case any benefits came from said friendship, haha), because he was fun to hang out with.  But oh well, we will see what happens.

Last night for dinner I had three glasses of wine and a good portion of a bag of Jalepeno Cheddar Cheetos.  I need an intervention.

I have decided that I need to find more friends who will drink with me.  For a couple of reasons.  I need more people that will come over and have a glass of vino with me at night so I can try to follow that dumb, don't drink by yourself rule, that I break almost every day.  Plus I need another single girl in our friend mix.  Being single is fun, but having no one to be single and fun with you, is not so fun.  And last but not least, my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks and I would really like to have a big night out with a big group of friends.  Problem, our group of friends is not so big.  So if anyone out there reading this is in the Lex-vegas area and would like to come drink vino with me, or be fun-single with me....hit a sister up!


I am SUPER excited that this guy won The Voice!!  He was my favorite from day one.  His voice is amazing!  And he's not too bad on the eyes either. When he sang "Fix You" by Coldplay....amazeballs.  Then he and Adam Levine (another one of my all time favs) sang MJ "Man in the Mirror."  Everytime he sang I didn't think it was possible for him to get any better, but yet he did.

So, I leave you with this little hump day treat.  YOU.  ARE.  WELCOME!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make-up, Fireworks and K-mart Feet...

How was everyone's holiday weekend??  I had a fun, relaxing weekend with friends.  I have recently become obsessed with watching Kandee Johnson make-up tutorials on YouTube.  She is amazing, and super cute, so you can't help but love her.  This is awesome for my make-up applying skills, but not so awesome for my cash flow.  Watched her videos all day Friday, Saturday I single-handedly helped my girl at the MAC counter reach her sales quota for the month day.  Here is my attempt at the Carrie Underwood eye (via PinkLouLou - who is responsible for introducing me to KJ).  Ignore the fact that I don't have any other make-up but eye make-up on.  This was before I left for MAC and I was trying to see what I needed, if anything, to accomplish the look.

(ybs- I hate these cell phone pics of self, no way to do it without feeling super lame-o)
 I purchased the StudioFix liquid foundation and I am OBSESSED.  It goes on really light and easy and feels great- not at all greasy or gooey, but also has great coverage!  I'm a huge fan.

Sunday we celebrated the 4th the way any good American does.....With good food, lots of sweet tea vodka, redneck explosive devices, and great friends! 

We each brought our furbabies to the party, so we also celebrated with lots of dogs.
Here is Bentley in his festive decor, headed to party...

...and all the dogs in the yard, cooling off in the kiddie pool...

Sawyer steaking his claim on the pool, he does not care to share his pool...

Bentley just barked at all the others playing in the water.  He was having none of that.  It just looked like a b-a-t-h tub to him, and he is NOT a fan of those...

And here is me with my wet angel baby...

We also had fireworks, of course.  Luckily, no serious injuries.  There were injuries, just not serious ones.  Just a tiny little shoulder burn and some  acoustic trauma , both from sparklers!  Beware.

In, other news.....These were Miranda's K-mart feet after the nights festivities

...and I found these Nike Basketball sleeves at Miranda' I'm pretty sure I'm good at basketball now