Friday, March 16, 2012

Dollar Store Treasures!!

I told you it was coming...

One of mine and my sister's favorite things to do is a Dollar Store shopping spree.  For realz.  My Mom gives us each $20 (which is like $1 million is dollar store money) and we go crazy.

Sometimes it is ridiculous crazy colored nail polish, fake press on nails, hair accessories....cheetos (truth....I iz ashamed).  But sometimes we end up discovering (or re-discovering) some real gems.  Here is the dish on this weekend's loot!

1.  Hot pink french tip press on nails:

These are so ghetto fabulous they are almost awesome.

2.  Tourquoise nail polish, and KY blue nail polish.  Add a Hello Kitty white polish pen and you have UK nails!

(Little "Tiny One" feet.  This is the tourquoise with UK's and polka dots)
(My Momma's feet, with the UK blue color and UK's)

3. Mint Julep Mask

I didn't get a chance to try this, but my sister did and she said it was awesome.  There are a lot of old school cold creams and stuff that we were also very intrigued by, but they didn't make the cut.  Maybe next time.

4.  Buff pads
Hello exfoliation!  I'm officially obsessed with these now.  My face feels so smooth and clean after I wash it with these bad boys.

I also got some dollar store brand face wipes that I really like too.  But I don't have a picture of them.  But I like them because they don't leave my skin all filmy after I use one.  Some that I have tried make my face feel worse after I "wash" it with them.  These don't.  Probably becasue they are mostly water, I'm sure, but whatever ;)

What are your favorite (or funniest) bargain beauty finds??

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Sheila - Painted Ladies said...

You scored some great dollar store finds! There are few things as great as dollar store shopping sprees. :)