Monday, March 12, 2012

Good Clean Redneck Fun :)

This weekend I took a much needed trip home.  Home being my parents house.  The definition of home becomes a little blurry after your college days are over.  I call my house in Lexington "home" too, but its a different kind of home than my parents house. 


My parents house is on a farm and we have a lot of land, so weekends at home, when the weather is nice consist of a lot of outdoor activities.  We spend the majority of our days outside. 

This weekend was no different.

As soon as I walked into my parents house on Friday, they told me I had a present they wanted to show me.  This was my present:

I was SO excited!!  So of course, a lot of the weekend was spent playing with my new present.  We spent a good portion of Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon target shooting.  Everyone has their own guns in my family...
(I'm not even going to try to defend this outfit, especially the shoes)

(Me, my sister and my sister -n -law)

(Shooting my sister -n-law's gun)

(Getting some instruction from my brother)

(Abbie inside when we are shooting guns outside, she's not a fan)

Saturday afternoon we went on a Dollar Store shopping spree.  There will be another post about this, so I don't want to say much.  But, it is a glorious as it sounds...

Saturday night I cooked dinner with my mom and brother.  My mom was helping me prefect my fried chicken making skills.  We had a full on southern meal.  Fried chicken, biscuits, gravy, greens, mac n cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes....

On Sunday afternoon we went for a walk, which included playing in the creek (yes, you heard that right) with the kids and Bentley.

(He loved it, which is surprising because he absolutely hate the b-a-t-h)

This is a pretty typical weekend at home.  As much as I absolutely hate my home town, I love being home.  It is days full of messes and chaos, and guns and creeks and all other forms of redneck entertainment, but its my family, and I love it.

How was your weekend?

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